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Anthony Weiner, the politician with maybe the best name in the history of sex scandals, appears to have “sexted” one too many times, and his wife, Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, appears to have finally had enough. Weiner, of course, is the one-time Democratic wunderkind who seemed destined to occupy at least one of the most powerful offices available on the American political landscape. Weiner won New York’s 9th congressional district seat back in 1998 when his pal Chuck Schumer, who had been the representative in that district, moved on to the U.S. Senate. Weiner continued to win re-election by... Read more →

The Washington Examiner is reporting that Pew Research Center, the Washington, DC think tank known principally for its public opinion polling, published survey results on Friday that show 44 percent of American homes have a gun inside. A big part of what makes this information so interesting is that it flies a bit in the face of other recent polls that found the number of American homes with a gun to be considerably lower. For example, results of a CBS News poll released in June of this year declared that 36 percent of American households had a gun. So, which... Read more →

Every so often, you’ll hear someone who’s confronted by a circumstance that strikes him or her as being acutely out of step with the general philosophical guideposts of this nation say, “Wait…I thought this was America.” My guess is that you and I are saying that, in some form or another, with greatly increasing frequency these days. There’s just a lot going on that strikes so many of us as being, well, un-American. You can add this to the list: According to the online media platform MRCTV, in Keene, New Hampshire, a group of area residents, known as “Robin Hooders,”... Read more →

On this episode Jim discusses the ramifications of the U.S. turning over control of the Internet to the United Nations, how this will lead to more regulation, taxes, and ultimately limit free speech. Files in the Vince Foster suicide case are mysteriously missing, the elites plan to get rid of cash, and a new poll says that Americans are walking away from God. Read more → Author of Right College Right Price, Frank Palmasani, joins Jim Paris Live. In the midst of a $1 trillion student loan debt crisis, students and their families have had the same question on their minds: Can I afford to pay for a college education? Good news: the answer is yes. By shifting the way we think about the college search, every family can find the right college at the right price. Right College, Right Price helps you discover the real cost of a college (after scholarships, work study, loans, etc.) before you even begin to apply?saving you hundreds of... Read more →

Once again, we are reminded of just what a double-edged sword the Internet can be. Malicious software programs, called “malware,” the scourge of good and decent Internet users everywhere, have morphed into a new generation of tools for thieves seeking to grab sensitive data from your cell phone. According to The Wall Street Journal, malware programs like “Acecard” and “GM Bot” now exist for the specific purpose of aiding “cyberthieves” in their efforts to steal your banking log-in information when you access your accounts from your mobile phone. According to the Journal, while it is difficult to know how much... Read more →

Perhaps the best-known name in the world of the for-profit career college, ITT Technical Institute, has been handed what appears to be a death sentence from the feds, in the form of new restrictions and requirements that make it virtually possible the college chain will be able to continue in operation. The move comes as the federal government continues its crackdown on for-profit colleges, with particular emphasis on so-called “career colleges” that are designed to prepare graduates for specific career fields…but have a much less-than-stellar record in doing so. Career colleges tend to blur the line that divides “vocational school”... Read more →

It appears that political leadership in Hungary is not burdened by the social angst that seemingly plagues a large number of its American counterparts, particularly when it comes to the matter of protecting a nation from the threats associated with mass immigration. According to the online presence of Raidió Teilifís Éireann, Ireland’s national public broadcasting service, Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, announced Friday morning that his nation will build a second fence along its southern border to repel any new “wave” of migration from Turkey. Orban’s concern has to do with what he fears may be an impending breakdown of... Read more →

The hypersensitivity now pervasive throughout social media is even more intense on college campuses today, and an uncomfortable irony is that the very institutions expected to serve as bastions of free expression have become, with increasing frequency, places where only the most sterile and politically correct ideas may be freely discussed. One school, however, seems to be saying it has had enough of the silliness, and is pushing back against it. According to many news outlets, including Time (, the University of Chicago has sent a letter to incoming students that informs them so-called “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces” will... Read more →

If you’ve been thinking, based on what you read and hear in the news, as well as what’s out there on social media, that America must be moving away from God, because there’s no way a Godly nation would be capable of reflecting the values in vogue all around us…you would appear to be correct. The Pew Research Center announced on Wednesday the results of a survey that determined about half of those who’ve left their church simply do not believe in God anymore. According to reporting done by the Washington Examiner, 49 percent of those who dumped their church... Read more →

It’s not enough the Veterans Administration is leaving people to die awaiting treatment at its facilities. Now, apparently, the quality of care is still so lousy that patients are being driven to pull out guns and kill themselves as a way to exit the hell in which they find themselves stranded. And yet the mess that is the V.A. is still not so bad, evidently, that those in positions of appropriate authority are stopping everything else to focus on straightening the problems out, once and for all. In what can only be seen as a genuine tragedy, a 76-year-old vet,... Read more →

One of Hollywood’s brightest lights, Tyler Perry, who has found mega-stardom as a director, producer, actor, and screenwriter, is catching a not-insignificant amount of heat for casting only white actors in his latest project, a drama series for TLC television network called Too Close to Home. Perry, who is black, has historically created movies and TV shows centered on black characters, and so, naturally, the casts of those productions have been predominantly African-American. However, with Too Close to Home, Perry has created a show about a rising female political star…in this case, a white one…who encounters scandal and finds herself... Read more →

Even though a news story published by several days ago about the U.S. moving its nuclear weapons from Turkey to Romania is being hotly disputed in some circles, many question if the overall posture of both Russia and America of late hasn’t been suggestive of an uptick in at least the risk of nuclear war between the former Soviet Union and the United States. According to EurActiv, America is moving the nukes because of the deterioration in relations between Washington and Ankara. It is believed that the U.S. has kept about 50 tactical nuclear weapons stationed at Incirlik Air... Read more →

Esteemed investigative reporter Ronald Kessler, who worked in that capacity for such papers as The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, and who has authored several bestselling “insider” books, including The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of the Presidents and The Secrets of the FBI, is reporting, in an exclusive for the Daily Mail Online, that reports lodged by FBI agents as to the role Hillary Clinton’s cruel treatment of Vince Foster played in his death…are now missing. You may recall that back when she was First Lady, Hillary Clinton was a staunch proponent... Read more →

Democrats may go on and on about how “unfair” voter ID laws are to certain demographics in the United States, but, according to a recent poll done by the Gallup organization, the vast majority of American voters…including non-white voters…are just fine with voter ID laws. The fact is, unless you’re a lunatic, voter ID laws make all the sense in the world, which means they make sense to the clear majority of the members of whatever demographic group you want to ask. The poll, the results of which were published over at on Monday, reveals that Americans harbor a... Read more →