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Paul Ryan Makes His Getaway from Moms Carrying Photos of Kids Killed by Illegals

 According to Breitbart News, Speaker Paul Ryan, long entrenched in the camp of establishment Republicans who are embarrassingly weak on the subject of illegal immigration, was apparently in a form rare even for him when he and his security staff literally fled from his home on Saturday as a group of mothers tried to show the speaker photos of their children murdered by illegals.


The mothers held a press conference at Ryan’s estate…or, more precisely, in front of it, because, ironically enough, there is a wall surrounding the residence to keep everyone out…in part to announce their intention to support Ryan’s primary challenger in his bid for re-election, Paul Nehlen. Nehlen himself is squarely on the side of Tea Party politics, and is running largely on a platform built with planks about improved border security and immigration control.

Tania Vojvodic, a volunteer on behalf of the campaign, said, “I saw Ryan on the back porch as the banners were being picked up and folded up. As I was walking with the mothers to the front, he entered into the back door of the house and slammed it. A few minutes later I saw him get into an SUV that departed with another behind it.”

For her part, Maria Espinoza, founder of the Remembrance Project, an advocacy group that works on behalf of families who have had loved ones killed by illegal aliens, said, “As the mothers and I started to walk up to Ryan’s house with the photos of their children, we saw Ryan and his security detail– only feet away from us– speed off in two black SUVs.”

“He and his guards raced off just as the mothers were approaching with their children’s photos. I can’t imagine how the mothers must have felt to see the House Speaker do that.”

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large