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Op-Ed Piece Gets It Right: Bernie Sanders Has Always Been a Loser

An article by Charles Hurt appearing over at The Washington Times does a great job illustrating an important truth about Bernie Sanders, one that, even now, escapes loads of obsequious followers: Bernie Sanders lost the nomination because losing is what Bernie Sanders has done all along.


It is, admittedly, a much less-than-charitable view of the longtime public servant, but the plain fact is, as Hurt clearly explains, Bernie is a professional also-ran, even as he has managed to win several elections in kooky Vermont.

Yes, the tables were turned against Bernie this year at the highest levels of the Democratic Party, but it’s hard to imagine this ending any other way, regardless; in the end, Bernie will be Bernie.

Sanders career as a U.S. congressman is known every bit as much for his very unremarkable record as a legislator, as for his longevity in holding public office. In truth, even the shine of that longevity, given his underwhelming record, fades quickly as one remembers that his (adopted) home state is that of Vermont, a commonwealth hardly unknown for its not-insignificant population of malcontents and oddballs; where else in modern America has an avowed socialist found that declaration to be a reliable stepping stone to successively higher levels of public office?

Some excerpts from Hurt’s excellent piece (but please go read the full version):

“The problem with Bernie Sanders is that he has been a loser his entire political life. Sure, he has won a few elections. But in terms of vision and ideas, he has always been a failure.

“During his quarter-century in Congress, Mr. Sanders has been viewed as something of a gadfly with Tourette’s syndrome. Always dressed like a homeless person shambling along the hallways, Democrats felt sorry for him and let him into their meetings. He looked like he needed a cup of coffee and free danishes.”

I think this sums up Bernie perfectly:

“So when the time came that more than three people in a smelly commune took Bernie Sanders seriously, even he was perplexed. When, finally and improbably, he actually sparked a movement, he honestly didn’t know what to do.”

The last paragraph is especially poignant, as it takes good account of Bernie and, sadly, so many of our fellow citizens:

“He is like the guy they let out of prison who then realizes that he cannot handle the world outside. So he takes himself to the nicest restaurant in town, orders the biggest, most expensive meal and then refuses to pay the bill so they will come back after him and throw him back into jail. Where at least he knows he will always have a cot to sleep on and free meals three times a day.”

There’s more to it, and it’s all dead-on. Like I said, check it out.

 By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large