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The civilized world may be at war with ISIS, but you would never know that from the lineup of speakers at the Democratic National Convention so far this week.


The DNC was hammered hard on Tuesday, following the opening day and night of the gathering on Monday, when, out of 61 speakers to address the assembled, not one mentioned ISIS, or even the terror threat, more generally.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and VP ticket-mate Mike Pence were each quick to criticize the absence of any mentions of the terror threat on the first day of the Democratic Convention. Speaking at the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention, both Trump and Pence took issue with the Democrat’s apparent lack of prioritization of what is now the leading force behind a worldwide radical Islamist insurgency.

For his part, Donald Trump told the VFW audience, “We need to change our foreign policy to focus on defeating and destroying ISIS, a word you didn't hear last night at the Democratic convention. You didn't hear it. They don't want to talk about it. Because in a very true way they really established ISIS because of weakness. The people in this room know better than anybody else what I mean by weakness.”

When Mike Pence addressed the crowd, he said about the DNC’s premier day speakers: “Not one of them named ISIS by name.” Gesturing to Trump, Pence added, “This man will name our enemies without apology and he will defeat them.”

While it is expected that there will be explicit mentions of the terror threat at the DNC as the event winds to a close, the broader issue, outside of any one night’s lack of seeing terror as a persistent topic of speeches, is what appears to be the overall disinclination on the part of Democrats to discuss ISIS, terrorism, or radical Islam. While the most compelling threat to national and global security goes broadly unmentioned at the DNC, a variety of domestic, progressive, social agendas have received frequent and high-profile references from a variety of convention speakers.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large