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DNC Event Speaker Says It’s White Christian Males Who Should Apologize for Terrorism

In comments that can only be described as “bizarre,” a white, American clergyman who spoke at a Democratic National Convention event last week expressed weariness at the idea that his “Muslim friends” should feel the need to apologize for acts of terror, and said that it is actually white Christian men who should be apologizing for such acts.


Rev. Ron Stief, who is the executive director of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, made his remarks while speaking as part of a panel discussion.

Said Stief, “I’m tired of my Muslim friends having to be the ones having to stand up and say ‘hey we are not terrorists. It doesn’t have anything to do with our religion.’”

“If anybody should be saying that, that should be me, a white Christian man.”

In follow-up remarks made to The Daily Caller after the panel discussion concluded, Stief added, “If you look at the hate crimes that are being committed in this country and all the violence that is being done against Muslim people, Sikhs, folks of south Asian descent it is clearly white male Christians that are doing this kind of violence.”

“If anybody needs to be apologizing for violence in this country it does need to be American white Christians.”

A particularly screwball component to Stief’s remarks is the idea that white Christian males in the United States are in the midst of a reign of terror against Muslims, Sikhs, and Asians. We all know that if this remotely the case, the “mainstream” media would play it for all it’s worth, but even our pals on the left (except, I guess, for the acutely unhinged ones, like Rev. Stief) are making no such claims.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large