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Bernie’s Weak Response to Betrayal Proves He Was Never What He Claimed to Be

When news broke of the Democratic National Committee’s underhanded effort…documented through a variety of released emails, with more surely to come…to see to it that Bernie Sanders would never become the party’s standard-bearer, his initial response seemed very weak. When DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said she was stepping down, he praised her for doing so, and even said she should be thanked for her years of service.


Mind you, this is the same Bernie Sanders whose entire campaign was built on the idea that “the system” is basically corrupt and benefits only the elites.

Sanders doubled down on his fecklessness at the opening day of the Democratic National Convention on Monday, coming in as the last speaker of the evening and telling the assembled that “Hillary Clinton must become the next President of the United States.”

So much for what (we thought) was the trademark Sanders anger and acute disillusionment at the neoliberalism of Hillary Clinton. Now, he just looks pathetic.

Said Sanders in his Monday speech, “It is no secret that Hillary Clinton and I disagree on a number of issues. That is what this campaign has been about. That’s what democracy is about.”


“But I am happy to tell you that at the Democratic Platform Committee there was a significant coming together between the two campaigns and we produced by far the most progressive platform in the history of the Democratic Party.”

Bernie and his supporters were out-and-out screwed by the party bosses, and this is his response? Really?

The supposed "anti-system" Sanders' reaction to his betrayal, and that of his loyal supporters, is laughable, which should be proof to any ardent progressive that he was never for real. In light of the revelations of what he was up against in his quest to win the nomination, anything less than a full rescission of his endorsement of Clinton, as well as a hard-charging effort to contest the convention, will prove him the little amoeba he appears to be, presently. Like many, I thought that, his screwball politics aside, he was sincere in his agenda, and I had a measure of respect for him on that basis; however, if he's just going to essentially let this go, then we'll know he was a "never-was" all along…or, even worse, that he can be bought off, which would obviously speak to the purported Mr. Integrity's lack thereof.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large