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When It Comes to Survival…the More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

As the world increasingly loses its mind (is there really any other way to put it?), many of us look for ways to get back in touch with how things “used to be.” Who, except for the most unhinged progressive, can really blame us? Look at the mess out there. Oh, there’s plenty of life that is still good and decent…but, more and more that which is finds itself increasingly crowded out by that which is not.

As I get older, I find myself retreating just a bit more, in some ways. I still use modern conveniences, to be sure, but I live more remotely than I used to, in an effort to de-clutter my sensory surroundings…and, you know what? It works.

Some people would say I live in the middle of nowhere now. That is not really true, it’s not that remote…but, yes, I’m about a half-hour away from the first meaningful store of any kind in my immediate area. I have neighbors, and while we are all friendly, we keep to ourselves, for the most part. People who live here choose to do so in no small way because they want solitude.

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An intrinsic part of all of that is coming to do more for oneself…and that includes relying methods of getting things done that are rooted in days gone by. I have come to more greatly appreciate “bottom line,” heavy-lifting types of approaches to getting by and staying safe that served as the foundation of how our ancestors accomplished those same things.

I was grateful to recently come across a resource that is after my own heart in this way, and I thought I would tell you about it. It is a manual that is themed on adapting the survival techniques used a long time…in some cases, a very long time…ago that kept people safe and well during times when great hardship often characterized just an average day in the lives of those folks. I’m referring to a comprehensive, highly-informative book called The Lost Ways, assembled by Claude Davis of Ask a fame. The Lost Ways features explanations of a wide variety of core survival techniques from yesteryear, detailed by people who specialize in keeping those techniques around and relevant.

Here is just a tiny glimpse of the kind of terrific information on self-reliance that you’ll find in The Lost Ways:

From Ruff Simons, an old west history expert and former deputy, you'll learn the techniques and methods used by the wise sheriffs from the frontiers to defend an entire village despite being outnumbered and outgunned by gangs of robbers and bandits. The lessons outlined here are those you can apply on behalf of the tactical defense of your own home.

From Patrick Shelley, a professional woodsman and trapper, you will learn how to build effective traps so that you can capture your own food sources the way it was done by mountain men of old.

From Erik Bainbridge, a Native American who took part in the reconstruction of the native village of Kule Loklo in California, you will learn how Native Americans build the subterranean roundhouse, an underground house that today will serve you as a storm shelter, a perfectly camouflaged hideout, or a bunker.

From Shannon Azares, you'll learn how sailors from the 17th Century preserved water in their ships for months, even years, on end, and how you can use this method to preserve clean water for your family at no cost.

From Mike Searson, a firearms and Old West history expert, you will learn what to do when there is no more ammo to be had, how people who wandered the West managed to hunt eight deer with six bullets, and why their supply of ammo never ran out.

From Susan Morrow, an ex-science teacher and chemist, you'll learn how to make a poultice, the soft, moist masses created from a variety of ingredients and applied to the skin to treat a variety of surface ailments. When the antibiotics run out during distressed conditions, it may well be your ability to create an effective poultice that makes the difference between life and death for you and those around you.

From Lex Rooker, you will learn how to make a superfood with basic ingredients that can be found in any Walmart. This amazing food was invented and largely used by Native American scouts as well as early western explorers who were on their own for months at a time. This nutritious food was light, compact, and high in protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins, and, if prepared properly, can last anywhere from a few years up to a lifetime without refrigeration!

There’s a lot of info in The Lost Ways, far more than can be adequately described in this space, but you get the idea.

The Lost Ways is available in both hard copy and digital formats. What’s more, it comes with a 60-day, money-back guarantee, which means that you have two fully months after you purchase to take it for a test drive.

I have lots of material on survival-related subjects, but, as a person who maintains an acute interest in the subject, I’m always open to more. The Lost Ways is right up my alley, particularly given the way my life is evolving, and it may well be a great fit for you, as well. To learn more about The Lost Ways, or to order your copy directly, Click Here.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large