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Trump's Most Brilliant Move Yet? Trump-Paul 2016 has a suggestion for Donald Trump; select Rand Paul as your running mate. Yes, there has been bad blood and insults, but hasn't that been the case with Trump and every other contender? Bernie's supporters are just not satisfied with Hillary, and Sanders has still not endorsed her. Senator Rand Paul, son of retired Congressman Ron Paul, would appeal to a large segment of Bernie's supporters. Don't forget that before Bernie was filling college stadiums, Ron Paul had been doing so for years. A selection of Rand Paul would also serve to extend an a olive branch to younger voters, many of whom are presently part of the so called Never Trump movement. 

Trump - Paul 2016 (1)

Like many this fall, I will not be casting a vote for Trump as a supporter, but as a vote against Hillary. Trump has us conservatives in his pocket, and I will concede that we have no other viable option. The real wildcard here is how many Democrats and independents he can move over to his column. To many, Rand Paul has even more claim to the title of outsider than Trump himself. Paul and Trump won't see eye to eye on every issue, but they are both on the same page when it comes to U.S. adventures into foreign wars, and many others as well. 

Rand Paul's Major Policy Positions 

  • Against sanctuary cities and for border enforcement
  • Staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment and gun rights
  • Pro Life
  • Against the war in Iraq 
  • Reform of the tax code, including reducing or eliminating the corporate tax
  • Strong supporter of military and needed reform of the VA

Conventional thinking is to pick a running mate that can deliver an important state, but we think attracting orphaned Sander's supporters is an even bigger prize. This is the year for political outsiders, and Trump can double down on this theme by partnering with another outsider. That's how we see it. Agree or disagree, use the comments section below to share your own opinion.

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