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Southern California Residents Facing Blackouts this Summer Amidst Natural Gas Shortage

Southern Californians appear to be under the gun right now from Mother Nature. Just a few days ago, we told you about a report of significantly increased seismic activity along the San Andreas Fault; now, we’re learning that residents are facing a substantially increased of power outages through the summer as a result of the failure of a shuttered area natural gas storage facility to become operational again.


The Aliso Canyon field, which serves to back up the electric utilities in the region during periods of significant demand, was shut down last October following the discovery of a leak at the facility. Without the availability of Aliso Canyon to backstop the massively-increased energy requirements that have already come to pass this year, residents are being warned to brace for power outages that could affect millions of residents during periods that last as long as two weeks. Already, thousands of Los Angeles residents got a glimpse of the trouble likely to come when they were hit with an outage during an exceptionally hot day this past Monday, but officials say that is nothing compared to what is in store for massive numbers of area residents this summer as the Aliso Canyon facility remains out of commission.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large