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Judge at Naturalization Ceremony Uses Occasion to Push Liberal Agenda to America’s Newest Citizens

In what obviously struck some as a rather bizarre moment during a naturalization ceremony that turned out to be the largest in Austin, Texas history, the Guest of Honor, Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt, used the traditionally solemn event as a platform to proselytize on behalf of fringe Democratic values.


Although Eckhardt was not the judge officially presiding over this week’s ceremony, her role as Guest of Honor afforded her the opportunity to address the 1,200-plus brand-new U.S. citizens, and, when she did so, proved not the least bit shy about encouraging them to embrace some of the most extreme positions of the Democratic Party, saying, in part, “I encourage everyone to register to vote and hopefully, not for that guy who is against immigrants.”

According to Breitbart Texas, one attendee at the ceremony, Kyle Hood, there to support his wife who was taking her oath as a new citizen, was particularly offended by the things Judge Eckhardt had to say, noting, “I have a problem with her using her title and position to make what I thought was particularly political comments to a captive audience.” Hood, a resident of San Antonio, told Breitbart that the judge spoke for less than five minutes, but, in that time, slammed presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, gun rights, and the death penalty.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr Editor At Large