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Brexit Likely Means Historic Lows for Interest Rates; Will Your Credit Allow You to Benefit?

The vote may be in, but the dust has not even begun to settle on the matter of the U.K.’s shocking decision to withdraw from the European Union. Financial markets around the world showed in no uncertain terms that they were rocked by the vote, with the near-term uncertainty associated with “Brexit” serving as the primary catalyst of all the market turmoil.


With a global “recovery” already possessed of negligible forward momentum, the Brexit vote will surely sap the little there was, meaning that even greater economic softness will rule the day for the time being. One of the silver linings of this pronounced weakness is the distinct possibility of even lower mortgage interest rates than those in evidence up to this point in 2016.

While many analysts still see rates coming off their historic lows by year’s end, that still leaves several months of unbelievably low interest rates from which prospective home buyers, refinancers, and consumers of other “big ticket” items can benefit…if they have enough good credit.

Is that you?

If it is not, you might want to learn more about a straightforward, easy-to-use, computer-based program designed to help those who are “credit challenged” to remedy their credit-related problems: Credit Repair Magic.

Several excellent resources make up the entire Credit Repair Magic package, but the centerpiece of the program is the “Bad Credit Eliminator” feature. The Bad Credit Eliminator is the highly-actionable program that walks you, step-by-step, through the entire process of cleaning up your credit. However, addressing negative items on your report is just one part of your overall credit picture. Other resources in Credit Repair Magic discuss a wide variety of other credit-relevant issues, including the importance of proper debt utilization (the amount of available credit that you’re actually using), the kinds of loans that actually reflect more favorably on your credit, and even why it is may be best, at times, to leave some negative items on your credit report.

So, what do you receive in your Credit Repair Magic package? A bunch. What follows is just a brief overview of all that is contained in Credit Repair Magic, because to detail and explain all of the features would take up pages and pages:

  • The Credit Repair Magic “Bad Credit Eliminator.” A trademarked process for restoring your credit quickly and easily.

  • The Credit Repair Magic “Seven Shortcuts to Success” Guidebook. This material is particularly valuable when you are looking to qualify in a hurry for a home or auto loan. It presents targeted strategies to help you to improve your score even faster.

  • The Credit Repair Magic “Solving the Credit Puzzle” Reference Guide. A terrific resource…131 pages packed with a mountain of information on the subject of credit repair. This resource, by itself, is worth much of the cost of the entire Credit Repair Magic program.

  • The Credit Repair “Solving the Credit Puzzle” Reference Guide - Express Version. A condensed, easily-digested, 36-page version of the full reference guide, when you need to go back and hit the “high points” of the full reference guide but don’t have time at the moment to dig through the more substantial version.

  • Lifetime access to any and all upgrades/additions made to the comprehensive Credit Repair Magic program.

Credit Repair Magic contains additional bonus materials, as well, but let’s talk about some other great features. For one thing, there is the excellent support available from the program architect. To begin with, you receive unlimited email support during the first 60 days of your paid access. This is particularly important, because it is typically during this period when you will have the greatest number of questions about what it is you’re doing as you work your way to better credit. What’s more, even after the first 60 days, the folks at Credit Repair Magic will continue to entertain your questions on a discretionary basis for an unlimited period of time, as circumstances arise in your credit repair journey that you feel are in need of some extra attention.

In addition to all of this, you enjoy the rock-solid protection that comes with the product’s accompanying 60-day, money-back guarantee. Unbelievably, this means you can get right to work using the full resources of Credit Repair Magic, including the unlimited email support, and if at any time during the first two months you decide this is not for you, you can still get all of your money back.

Rehabilitating credit to the healthiest level possible may be the single most important step any of us takes in the realm of consumer finance, and one that is imperative to you realizing the best available loan rates, such as the ones we’re likely to see for a while in the wake of the Brexit vote. To learn more about the Credit Repair Magic product, or to purchase the program directly, Click Here.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large