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Billboard, easily the most recognizable name in the music publishing industry, has put together something they are calling an “Open Letter to Congress” on the matter of gun control, and, to no one’s surprise, the publication was able to claim nearly 200 signatures of musicians, various other celebrities, and industry executives in support of the letter. The mass murder at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub on June 12 by self-proclaimed ISIS loyalist Omar Mateen appears to be the principal catalyst for the Billboard effort, although Billboard’s website also mentions the murder of singer Christina Grimmie the night before…also at an Orlando club…as... Read more →

In what obviously struck some as a rather bizarre moment during a naturalization ceremony that turned out to be the largest in Austin, Texas history, the Guest of Honor, Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhardt, used the traditionally solemn event as a platform to proselytize on behalf of fringe Democratic values. Although Eckhardt was not the judge officially presiding over this week’s ceremony, her role as Guest of Honor afforded her the opportunity to address the 1,200-plus brand-new U.S. citizens, and, when she did so, proved not the least bit shy about encouraging them to embrace some of the most extreme... Read more →

The culture wars are certainly alive and well in these United States, but, every once in a while, something happens that makes you think there’s reason for at least a little hope in what unfortunately appears to many conservatives and other traditionalists to be an otherwise hopeless situation. On Tuesday, after the Supreme Court’s Monday ruling that overturned the Texas HB2 law requiring a minimum standard of care at abortion clinics, as well as that doctors who perform the procedures have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of their clinics, plenty of liberal media outlets were in a... Read more →

Talk about tone deaf. Just a couple of days after U.K. voters rejected the increasingly oppressive progressive-globalist agenda of the European Union, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto is proposing his own North American multi-state alliance, saying that “what is happening elsewhere in the world invites us to strengthen our strategic alliance and especially to be much more inclusive.” Nieto is presently in Canada to attend a North American leaders summit in Ottawa with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Barack Obama, cutely dubbed the “Three Amigos” summit. In an earlier tweet about the meetings, Nieto said, “The purpose... Read more →

Pharmacist and nutrition expert Ben Fuchs has spent most of his professional life teaching people how to become more healthy through a proper diet, lifestyle, and the use of nutritional supplements. Why cholesterol is not bad, and the danger of statin drugs. The truth about high blood pressure medications. Why most people are overweight. What your body is telling you when you feel hungry. How to make money in your own nutritional supplement business, and much more. Read more →

On this episode - Jim shares how Americans will benefit financially from Brexit. A strong dollar makes it cheap to travel to Europe. Also, most experts expect mortgage rates to drop even lower due to the financial uncertainty created by Brexit. Famed attorney F. Lee Bailey files for bankruptcy. Could Bernie Sanders be waiting for Hillary's indictment? The backlash from George Will leaving the Republican Party, and the IRS scam that keeps going and going. Read more → has a suggestion for Donald Trump; select Rand Paul as your running mate. Yes, there has been bad blood and insults, but hasn't that been the case with Trump and every other contender? Bernie's supporters are just not satisfied with Hillary, and Sanders has still not endorsed her. Senator Rand Paul, son of retired Congressman Ron Paul, would appeal to a large segment of Bernie's supporters. Don't forget that before Bernie was filling college stadiums, Ron Paul had been doing so for years. A selection of Rand Paul would also serve to extend an a olive branch to younger... Read more →

Once again, conservatives are handed an important reminder about just how much is at stake in this upcoming president election. While pro-lifers have been making various inroads at the state level, the Obama administration and its enablers at the Supreme Court remain all-too-capable of undoing that hard work with a very modest amount of energy. To wit: today’s decision by the Supreme Court in the case of Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, which effectively overturned Texas’ HB2, signed into law in 2013 by Gov. Rick Perry. The HB2 law requires that doctors who perform abortions must have admitting privileges at... Read more →

It appears that key member nations of the European Union are not only unfazed by the decision of U.K. voters to leave, they are set to respond in a way that will make the EU even more of a monolith. Germany, France and Italy met in Berlin for emergency discussions predicated on the recent Brexit vote, and what has emerged is a plan, outlined in a nine-page report, that essentially does away with any semblance of real sovereignty for remaining member nations. The upshot of the proposals is that national militaries would be sharply curtailed, central banking run entirely by... Read more →

The vote may be in, but the dust has not even begun to settle on the matter of the U.K.’s shocking decision to withdraw from the European Union. Financial markets around the world showed in no uncertain terms that they were rocked by the vote, with the near-term uncertainty associated with “Brexit” serving as the primary catalyst of all the market turmoil. With a global “recovery” already possessed of negligible forward momentum, the Brexit vote will surely sap the little there was, meaning that even greater economic softness will rule the day for the time being. One of the silver... Read more →

High-profile conservative political pundit George Will has decided that he’s had enough of a Republican Party that would have Donald Trump as its standard-bearer. In a speech to the gathered at a Federalist Society luncheon in Washington, DC on Friday, Will said flatly, “This is not my party.” Following the speech, Will spoke briefly with the online news outlet PJ Media (PJM), and advised Republican voters, “Make sure he loses. Grit their teeth for four years and win the White House.” Will’s implication is that four years of Hillary Clinton, following eight years of Obama, will so sour the Republican... Read more →

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., in a statement on the stunning Brexit vote, said the decision of the U.K.’s citizens to take a giant step back away from the seemingly-relentless forces of greater globalization is America’s cue to do the same. Said Sessions, “Now it’s our time. The period of the nation state has not ended. No far off global government or union can command the loyalty of a people like their own country. Vague unions have no ability to call on the people to sacrifice for the common good. They seem incapable of making decisions and when they do, they... Read more →

You don't have to be very observant to realize that the world is changing. Factories are closing down and the world of computing is mushrooming. If you look at where the growth in jobs is, technology is right there at the top of the list. For those of us that were not born into a tech savvy world, it is easy to resort to the cop out of not being a 'computer person.' What I find interesting, however, is that many of the same people that have opted out of the world of technology seem to be adventurous and willing... Read more →

Southern Californians appear to be under the gun right now from Mother Nature. Just a few days ago, we told you about a report of significantly increased seismic activity along the San Andreas Fault; now, we’re learning that residents are facing a substantially increased of power outages through the summer as a result of the failure of a shuttered area natural gas storage facility to become operational again. The Aliso Canyon field, which serves to back up the electric utilities in the region during periods of significant demand, was shut down last October following the discovery of a leak at... Read more →

The small city of Hondo, Texas has been known for its distinctive “welcome” signs (that have been up since 1932) that read, “Welcome. This is God’s Country. Please Don’t Drive Through It Like Hell.” Pretty cute, right? Well, not to some atheists, apparently, and clearly not to an organized group of atheists based out of Wisconsin, the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The FFRF has written to Hondo city officials to ask the signs be removed because…in the opinion of the atheist group…they violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. The letter written by the group includes a complaint that... Read more →