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With Interest Rates Still Low, Investing in Real Estate May Be a Great Option for You Right Now

While the recent talk about interest rates suggests they will be moving higher again shortly, the reality is that they are still so low that any increases in the foreseeable future will result in rates remaining low, overall. Additionally, the economy, both domestically and globally, remains soft, with a large number of weak underlying fundamentals, such that there really is no solid ground available on which significantly higher rates can gain traction.

Low rates mean favorable borrowing terms, of course, and favorable borrowing terms open you to the possibility of “good” debt or leverage, like that exemplified by smart real estate investing. While owning investment property is a big step, and can certainly come with its own set of headaches, at times, it can also be both a solid source of additional current income and lump-sum windfall when the appreciating asset is eventually sold off.

Another terrific advantage to owning real estate as a part of a comprehensive investment portfolio is that it is an asset class that has a fairly low correlation, historically, with the stock market. This means that it offers true diversification, because it can perform well as both a source of income and as an appreciating asset without regard, largely, to how the stock market is doing. This is not to say that there are not “down” periods for real estate…there certainly are…but the point is that as a separate asset class unto itself, real estate can help shore up your portfolio at times when other investments are weighing it down.


This said, while we can all easily learn the basic benefits to investing in real estate, it is a whole different matter when it comes to actually knowing how to buy a property that possesses inherent, beneficial investment characteristics. In order to make good decisions about what properties to buy and what properties to pass on, you need to be able to perform some useful investment analyses.

To that end, I want to suggest a really well-done course, available at the popular Udemy remote-based educational platform, that will introduce you to the important concepts associated with analyzing prospective real estate investment purchases. The name of the course is Real Estate Investing: Complete Investment Analysis, and is taught by professional real estate investor and educator…and Stanford MBA…Symon He. The curriculum consists of 128 video lectures that total 18 hours of instruction, and all of that material…to which you gain lifetime access…is available right now for just $40.

Here is a brief overview of what you will learn from the program:

  • Understand the core concepts of real estate investing

  • Understand professional real estate investment strategies

  • Understand the revenue possibilities of Airbnb rental units

  • Confidently evaluate the return potential of an investment

  • Understand analysis techniques for both residential and commercial real estate

  • Receive hands-on practice with expertly-crafted investment models

  • Understand the Waterfall Distribution Framework and its application

Let me be clear – this is a serious course that revolves around what is, ultimately, the most important aspect of real estate investing: proper analysis of a property that you’re considering for purchase. Remember that unlike many stocks and mutual funds, for example, each individual piece of real estate is extremely unique, and may often have little in common with another property that is right next door to it. Given that, it is imperative that you know how to intelligently analyze any and every property before you move forward with its purchase.

One of the really great features of this course, too, besides the wealth of information and the current price, is that it comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee. If you decide you don’t like it, for any reason, you can get a no-questions-asked refund directly from Udemy during the first month. How great is that? Anyway, if you are ready to learn more about the Real Estate Investing: Complete Investment Analysis course, or would like to enroll straight-away, Click Here.

 By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large