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Terrified Residents of Beech Grove, Indiana Awakened by the Sounds of War in Their City

It was certainly an atypical early Tuesday morning in Beech Grove, Indiana, a small city located just outside of Indianapolis, as residents were frightened by the sounds of a simulated “surprise” military raid being conducted on a local hospital.


According to FOX 59, residents were “upset about the drills,” complaining that they had received no notice whatsoever that a military training operation of that magnitude was going to overtake their small community.

Beech Grove Police Captain Robert Mercuri, in a statement to the Indianapolis Star, apologized that locals were startled by all of the activity, but that was not before numerous residents had taken to Twitter to express their fear and bewilderment at the sounds of war…including gunshots, explosions, and helicopters flying at low altitudes…that prompted many to seriously wonder if a true national emergency was unfolding all around them.

This is just the latest in a long and growing line of military exercises conducted in and around populous regions of the United States. The trend toward conducting maneuvers like the one that had so many residents of Beech Grove on edge…is something that has many Americans particularly concerned in an era when free speech, religious freedom, and gun rights are constantly under attack. While some citizens seem inclined to dismiss the presence of combat soldiers and equipment in local communities as no big deal, others have distinct concerns about the real purpose behind such deployments.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large