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Tactical Pens Gain in Popularity as Citizens Look for Any Edge Against Criminals

We talk a lot about crime, self-defense, and general survival in this space, and do so because personal safety is, quite honestly, under a great deal of pressure these days.

However, one of the struggles plaguing many safety-minded people seeking to be prepared against a sudden street assault is what to do in such a circumstance when they do not possess, or prefer not to use, a truly lethal weapon. The problem many of them have is that even some “less-than-lethal” weapons can put them afoul of the law, depending on the part of the country in which they live or to which they travel; stun guns, for example, remain very highly regulated in many parts of the United States.

One way to deal with this issue, and an idea both Jim Paris and I like very much, is to carry as a weapon a tactically-designed version of a standard accessory. There are, for example, “tactical” umbrellas that have unique features, to include enhanced reinforcement, that greatly increase their utility as defensive weapons. Something else that is now very popular is the tactical pen. Who does not carry a pen around these days? Well, the tactical pen, like the tactical umbrella, is a uniquely designed and configured version of its “regular” counterpart that allows for quick and devastating deployment against an attacker. Here is a brief news item on the tactical pen that appeared earlier this year at KSAT 12 in San Antonio, Texas:


If you see yourself in the market for a self-defense aid that is as covert…and effective…as a tactical pen, you should know that Jim Paris recommends the Strike Pen, a uniquely-designed instrument that can be had for just the cost of shipping - $6.95 inside the U.S., and $9.95 for international shipping. As an added bonus, the Strike Pen comes with a digital instructional guide, 2 Second K.O., that teaches you how to more effectively use your tactical pen in a self-defense situation.

Even many of us who are all for the carrying of firearms as a way to stay safe…think it is a great idea to include such items as tactical pens in our “arsenals.” To grab a Strike Pen for yourself, Click Here!

 By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large