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Democratic Party Implosion Begins to Take Center Stage

Practically all we’ve been hearing about since this campaign season began in earnest is the substantial internal strife plaguing the Republican Party. Make no mistake, it has been real. However, something very interesting is taking place right before our eyes: just as the Republicans seem to be embarking on a genuine effort to unify the party in advance of the general election showdown, the divide on the side of the Democrats, which has been real but largely downplayed by the mainstream media until now, is in the process of becoming perhaps so wide that there will be no fixing it... Read more →

I have a confession to make: I like Walmart. I probably shouldn’t like Walmart, for a whole host of reasons, but at basic, “shopping” level, I really like it. I like it because it is the biggest, best, and most convenient convenience store out there. Like most of you, my time nowadays is at a distinct premium. I just do not have much…really any…to spare. This means that when I do go into town, I really have to try to get everything I can in one stop, and for as little as possible…and that means Walmart. The time constraints with... Read more →

Musician Daryl Hall, one-half of the now-legendary pop duo Hall & Oates, was asked to address…from a musical perspective…the relevance of “cultural appropriation” during an interview with lefty website Salon. Now, Hall is a long-standing member of the popular music community, who is not known for any outspoken conservative viewpoints, so his response during the line of questioning, which I have detailed below, likely took the interviewer by some surprise. Before I get to that, let’s be sure you know what “cultural appropriation” is. Cultural appropriation is another of the progressive social justice community’s recent ideological contrivances, and it refers... Read more →

Try as it might, the District of Columbia is not having good luck in its effort to statutorily keep law-abiding citizens from bearing arms. You might recall that D.C.’s longstanding gun ban was struck down by the Supreme Court in its District of Columbia v Heller decision back in 2008. Of course, the D.C. politicos were none too happy about that, and have been aggressive in slowing to a crawl any attempts on the part of their constituents to functionally keep and bear firearms. Part of their effort at throwing up roadblocks included the institution of a “good reason” requirement... Read more →

Mystery shopping is real. Thankfully, it has been around long enough that most people know it to be a legitimate way to make money, but scams that use mystery shopping “opportunities” as vehicles to separate you from your money are, sadly, out there, as well. I will assume you’re familiar with mystery shopping, even while you may not have any direct experience with it as yet. If not, it can be quickly summarized as work wherein you act as an undercover shopper for the benefit of a given retail establishment, so that the customer experience can be evaluated and improved... Read more →

I’ve long understood that the Hollywood types in our midst tend to be more liberal than the rest of us…but it seems like, until recently, most remained somewhat connected to reality, even as their ideas were vastly different from those held by “middle America.” Now, however, it really does appear as though an unfortunately-high number of otherwise-intelligent, articulate people in the Hollywood community are simply bonkers. The latest example to this effect concerns the talented, beautiful, and very bright American “A-list” actress Angelina Jolie Pitt. Ms. (Mrs.? Who knows anymore…) Jolie Pitt was in attendance at the London headquarters of... Read more →

Jim discusses the current financial crisis in Venezuela and ponders whether this is a glimpse into our own future in the U.S. With states like California and Illinois on the brink (and Puerto Rico), are we nearing a financial crisis here? Also discussed is the growing call by prominent Republicans for a third party candidate, Trump now being hit with charges of mistreatment of women, are scientists secretly trying to create human life in the lab?, how to get a free home phone for life, and why Google will pay you $20 per hour to sit in your car. Read more →

Dr. Robert Abel, author of The Eye Care Revolution, joins Jim Paris Live to discuss the remarkable breakthroughs taking place in eye care. How a device attached to the tongue is giving sight to the blind, supplements and dietary changes to improve your sight, how to buy glasses for 70% off retail, why diabetes does not have to lead to blindness, tips to improve your vision while driving at night, how computers and texting are affecting our sight, exercises to overcome nearsightedness, the latest on Lasik surgery, and more. Read more →

Five years ago I switched from a traditional home phone line and bought a device called OOMA. It is a small box that you connect to your Internet router. Once set up and connected to the Internet, the device replaces costly home phone service. The cost of a landline is $15 to $30 monthly for most people, although in some areas it can be $50 or more. After purchasing the OOMA device (about $100), you get free service for life. The only thing I pay monthly is $4, which are the taxes and fees the government assesses on my service... Read more →

I don’t if you happened to see Katie Couric speaking with Matt Lauer on NBC’s Today Show on Friday, May 13, but, if not, she was on there to promote her new “hard-hitting,” pro-gun control documentary entitled Under the Gun, which will air on EPIX on Sunday, May 15. You do not have to know a whole lot more than that this was a conversation on the Today Show between Matt Lauer and Katie Couric about gun control to immediately gain an accurate idea about the perspective on the subject that was conveyed. One of the more clever misrepresentations expressed... Read more →

A just-released U.S. government survey shows that Americans’ insecurity over Internet privacy is higher than anyone imagined, and this fear over loss of personal/sensitive information is manifesting itself in an outright cessation of use of the Internet, in many cases. According to the results of this survey, conducted by the Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), almost one-half of Internet users say that Internet privacy concerns have prompted them to stop engaging in many of the common, everyday, Internet transactions and behaviors that so many take for granted (or, at least, we thought took for granted). What’s... Read more →

For those of you disinclined to seeing Donald Trump ascend to the presidency, your prayers have been answered. Hollywood bigshot George Clooney, who is better than you in all ways, and mostly because he is a Hollywood bigshot, decreed to a room full of reporters at the Cannes Film Festival, “There’s not going to be a President Donald Trump.” His simple follow-up comment, “That’s not going to happen,” was received with applause by the room full of journalists to whom he was speaking at the time. Clooney is in Cannes presently to promote his latest film, Money Monster. Clooney added... Read more →

Target stock has been feeling the heat since its April 19 announcement that team members and customers could use whatever restrooms and fitting rooms they choose, based on their own personal “gender identity.” For those unfamiliar with the concept of gender identity, it is a specially-contrived term that pertains to people who see themselves as being a gender other than that which would be indicated by their biological predisposition…in other words, their physical “plumbing.” To say the announcement has been poorly received by the general public is an understatement; in addition to a very public outcry from shoppers, Target stock... Read more →

Bernie Sanders continues to dog Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party’s own “presumptive nominee,” at every turn, and even well-known Clinton sycophants in the media are beginning to publicly register something between frustration and concern over the state of affairs. George Stephanopolous, host of ABC’s “Good Morning America,” said on the Wednesday edition of the program that the loss by Clinton to Sanders in Tuesday’s West Virginia primary is “bogging her campaign down.” Stephanopolous went on to state that, “Bernie Sanders cannot catch up, can’t get 98% of the delegates, and the Clinton team’s explaining away this loss in West Virginia,... Read more →