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Meeting Survival Supply Needs at the Friendly, Local, Neighborhood Walmart

I have a confession to make: I like Walmart.

I probably shouldn’t like Walmart, for a whole host of reasons, but at basic, “shopping” level, I really like it. I like it because it is the biggest, best, and most convenient convenience store out there.

Like most of you, my time nowadays is at a distinct premium. I just do not have much…really any…to spare. This means that when I do go into town, I really have to try to get everything I can in one stop, and for as little as possible…and that means Walmart.

The time constraints with which I now deal, along with the greater distance I now live from “civilization,” means that Walmart has also become my primary stop when I am looking to stay stocked with basic survival supplies…food, water, all kinds of things. It comes down to this: As important as it is for me to stay prepared, I just don’t have the time right now to dedicate to going to ten different places to find the “perfect” version of this supply or that supply. I need to be able to keep that part of my life quick and easy, as well, which invariably means I end up at…Walmart.


Hardcore preppers will scoff at the idea that anyone could get serious prepping done at the local Walmart, and, in one sense, I would agree with that – there are plenty of unique sorts of survival supplies, gear, and equipment that cannot be found at Walmart. However, most people who engage in prepping are not, and will never be, dedicated, devoted preppers; they are, instead, people who want to be as prepared as they can realistically be, while still living their lives as “regular people.” For people who fit that description, Walmart can be an excellent prepping resource. As for me, I’m some of both – I have some of the more serious gear that characterizes the ardent prepper, but I also want to be a “regular person,” as much as possible, so most of my supply purchases take place at Walmart.

What I think is particularly great is that as much as I like Walmart as a place to get supplied, someone else out there actually wrote a book on the subject, called Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart. It is a terrific information source for those people who want to make the stockpiling of essential survival supplies as quick and painless as possible. Make no mistake, however; this is not just some glorified checklist (although the several supplies lists provided are excellent resources, and go a long way to helping one to more quickly and efficiently obtain what he or she needs). The Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart package contains a wealth of actionable information on how to be prepared for the next disaster. Get Prepped is presented in a multitude of e-reports and videos that cover a wide array of survival topics. It would not be feasible to list in this space all of the different videos and PDFs that make up Get Prepped, but here are the self-explanatory titles of just a few:

  • Fifty Essential Food Items, Parts 1 and 2 (videos)

  • Home to Fortress in 7 Days (PDF)

  • How to Keep Your Stockpile Hidden (PDF)

  • Spot a Disaster Before It Hits (PDF)

  • DIY Solar Water Purification (video)

  • Fundamentals of Organic Gardening for Preppers (video)

  • Stockpiling for Pennies (PDF)

  • Safeguarding Your Family Against Terrorist Attacks (PDF)

  • Ultimate Survival First Aid Kit (video)

This is just the beginning…there’s lots more, including, as mentioned, several lists to help make the accessing of necessary provisions so much easier. Best of all is that everything you need can be found at Walmart, which is what this package is really all about. In just one afternoon, you and your family members can emerge from your local superstore with everything you need to be ready should protest violence, a natural disaster, or some other kind of significant trouble comes your way.

If you see yourself as one of those folks who could benefit from a bit of a head start when it comes to prepping, and, like me, appreciate having the ability to grab in just one afternoon all of what you’ll ever likely need to withstand even a relatively severe crisis, then Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart may be just the ticket. Note, too, that as with practically every product we suggest in this space, this package comes with a 60-day, money-back guarantee, so that if you decide it’s not for you, no problem; it’s super-easy to get a full refund. To learn about this great package, or to simply grab it straight-away, Click Here,

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large