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How To Use A Debt Validation Letter

I write this article with fear and trepidation as I know how what I am about to discuss can be twisted.  I can hardly wait to see the first post on social media that says, "Jim Paris is telling Christians not to pay their debts."  Well, maybe this opening line will inoculate me from criticism, maybe not.  In another article I wrote on this general topic about a year ago, I raised the issue of credit card companies engaging in so called robo-signing.

This Video Was Recorded Four Years Ago, But The Issue Is Still A Problem Today


What is a Debt Validation Letter?

I mentioned the concept of a debt validation letter again a few weeks ago on my podcast and I have been flooded with questions on it.  It has reached the point where I decided to go ahead and write a full blog post on the topic.  The purpose of the letter is to require a supposed creditor to prove up their standing to collect a debt from you and also justify the amount owed as well.  

We have all received random letters in the mail from a collection agency suggesting that we owe an old bill.  Many times these letters provide little, if any, details or backup. Most people assume that the demand for payment is legal and accurate and make arrangements for payment.  In fact, a professionally looking bill will get paid in a large percentage of cases even if it is not legitimately owed (a longstanding scam).


Sample Debt Validation Letter Below

 Download Letter Template - Sample Debt Validation Letter

 When Can You Use A Debt Validation Letter?

I think this is an excellent tool to use any time you question the validity of a debt or the amount owed.  I do not recommend using this to avoid debts that you believe you legitimately owe.  Yes, there are some training programs out there that suggest that you can use a letter like this to wipe out all of your debts.  I don't believe these claims are true, nor do I believe that this shotgun approach to sending out these letters is ethical.  Of course, that is not what this article is suggesting.

One last note - I strongly recommend that you find out what the statute of limitations is on debt in your state.  In many states, a debt older than 5 years (from the date of last payment) is no longer legally enforceable.  If you make even a partial payment, you may end up acknowledging the legitimacy of the debt, and wipe out any legal defense you may have had on the based on the age of the obligation.

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