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Democratic Party Implosion Begins to Take Center Stage

Practically all we’ve been hearing about since this campaign season began in earnest is the substantial internal strife plaguing the Republican Party. Make no mistake, it has been real. However, something very interesting is taking place right before our eyes: just as the Republicans seem to be embarking on a genuine effort to unify the party in advance of the general election showdown, the divide on the side of the Democrats, which has been real but largely downplayed by the mainstream media until now, is in the process of becoming perhaps so wide that there will be no fixing it before November 8.

The first real clue that things were not all love and roses in the land of the Democrats is the very fact that Hillary Clinton was going to face a serious challenger for the nomination that she surely assumed, at the outset, would be handed to her without incident. Then that challenger, Bernie Sanders, actually began winning in some states. And then winning some more. In fact, Sanders has done so well against Clinton up to this point that his string of victories has been, in my opinion, the real story of this entire campaign season.

In the wake of Sanders’ electoral successes, his supporters, who represent the more progressive wing of the party, have grown simultaneously more emboldened and frustrated by the results; emboldened, because they see the actual victories, but frustrated, because they also see those victories not leading to a better path to the nomination for their guy. You likely read about the eruption of Sanders supporters at the recent Nevada state Democratic Party convention in Las Vegas, who felt that the convention process had been rigged by party leadership in favor of the Dem’s establishment choice, Hillary Clinton. For a glimpse into the hostility that characterized much of the convention, here is how California Senator and Clinton ally Barbara Boxer was received when she addressed the gathering there:


The good news for Republicans, and the horrible news for Democrats, is that it appears this intra-party upheaval will only get worse. Sanders has vowed to fight all the way to the Democratic National Convention, and, if he does, his supporters will likely become even more enthusiastic and emotional in their efforts to see him crowned party standard-bearer…which means if he is not so crowned, those supporters may well enter the general election season harboring more animosity for Hillary Clinton than for Donald Trump.

 By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large