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The Role of Improvised Weapons in Self-Defense

The vast middle ground between being entirely unarmed and carrying a firearm…is finding itself increasingly occupied by people who are interested in having immediate access to some type of non-lethal, including improvised, weapon that affords them a measure of protection greater than that which can be realized by using only their fists and feet.

For example, a self-defense program called Cane Fu is becoming very popular as so many older folks seek ways to put more of the odds on their side should they find themselves the victims of a street assault. The idea behind Cane Fu is that a simple walking cane can double as a highly-effective weapon for protecting oneself on the street.

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What we sometimes fail to remember is that just about anything that can serve as an extension of our arms or hands can be used in self-defense. Even something as small as a writing pen can be of great help, particularly if it is a specially-designed tactical pen that is reinforced for strength and has other features that help enhance its effectiveness as a weapon. Here is just one example of an instructional video on the use of a tactical pen in self-defense, taught by Michael Janich, a world-renowned expert in personal protection using edged weapons and co-host of the terrific TV show The Best Defense on the Outdoor Channel, as well as someone with whom I’ve had the pleasure of personally working.

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I love the idea of learning to use improvised weapons for personal defense; not only can they greatly aid that individual who is naturally disinclined to carry a firearm, but even those people who have no issue with carrying a gun may not always have it with them when trouble arises. As for the tactical pen, specifically, Jim Paris has regularly recommended the Strike Pen, a uniquely-designed instrument that can be had for just the cost of shipping - $6.95 inside the U.S., and $9.95 for international shipping. As an added bonus, the Strike Pen comes with a digital instructional guide called the 2 Second K.O. that helps you to more effectively use your tactical pen in a self-defense situation.

Even those of us who are all for the carrying of firearms as a way to stay safe find great utility in having non-lethal and even improvised weapons at our disposal. To pick up your Strike Pen, Click Here.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large