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Tennessee Votes to Hit Back at U.S. Government on Refugee Resettlement

The state of Tennessee is, once again, participating in a rebellion against the federal government.

2016-04-20_14-46-17This time, the Tennessee General Assembly has voted, overwhelmingly, to sue the feds over what that body sees as violations of the Tenth Amendment committed in the name of refugee resettlement. The Tenth Amendment basically says that the federal government enjoys only those powers granted to it by the Constitution, and that all others belong to the states or the citizens. The resolution passed the Tennessee House by a margin of 69 to 25, and the Senate passed it with a 29 to 4 vote.

Tennessee elected to bail on the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program back in 2008, but that has not stopped the feds from sending thousands of refugees to the state each year, anyway. Although two other states, Alabama and Texas, are suing the government in connection with resettlement, they are doing so on the basis that the government has violated the terms of the Refugee Act of 1980. In the case of Tennessee, it is the first state to formally object to the resettlement program on the basis of the provisions of the Tenth Amendment.

In an interview with the conservative news and issues website Breitbart, resolution co-sponsor Sen. Mark Norris said the following: “Today we struck a blow for liberty by finally adopting SJR467.The General Assembly clearly understands the importance of public safety and state sovereignty as demonstrated by the overwhelming support of this resolution for which we are thankful. The Syrian surge heightens our sense of urgency to get this properly before the courts, and we urge the attorney general to act without delay.”

 By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large