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Protests and Riots Becoming the New “Normal” Discourse in America

It seems as though it is everywhere now. No longer can the left simply disagree in the way people of all political stripes disagreed in previous generations. Now, the left has learned that as their positions become more extreme…indeed much more absurd…the reasoned objections to their stances will mount. Because their positions are often so bereft of logic or even basic coherence, the “go to” move for so many is to immediately come out of the gate with “violence of action” in order to intimidate into silence anyone who would object at their proposed lunacy.


Where will it end? Now, you are branded a hateful person by many if you think something as “controversial” as that men should use men’s restrooms and women should use ladies restrooms. As the needle moves further left on the social scale, those ideas held by the vast majority only a relative handful of years ago will now become targets of the violent left, as will the people who still hold them.

So, what do you do?

Two things: First, you and those like you continue to work to beat back the tidal wave of idiocy that threatens to take over the entire country, by competing for hearts and minds in the arena of ideas. It is a challenge, to be sure, but, as bad as things are, they are still not quite so bad that inroads cannot be made that way.

The other thing you do…is to be ready for anything.

We talk a lot about survival and self-defense in this space, and we do so in no small way precisely because of the ominous tenor that increasingly characterizes discourse in this country. One of the areas of survival preparation that sometimes receives short shrift pertains to urban survival. Much of the dialogue that exists out there has to do with how to stay alive when you’re stranded deep in the woods, but, for so many of us, what is of much more relevance is how to remain intact when trouble unfolds in more populated settings.



Thankfully, there is a growing body of work that covers this specific sub-category of survival, and you can now find more information on the topic by way of a simple Google search. Alternatively, there are some awfully good products out there that provide very helpful advice, and one that we like is a 60-minute video called Surviving Civil Unrest. Your guide throughout Surviving Civil Unrest is Chance Sanders, a former Marine Corps infantryman and marksmanship instructor, as well as a professional educator in the realm of survival. To preview a couple of sample video clips from this fine video guide, or to purchase this manual directly, Click Here.

 By Robert G. Yetman, Jr, Editor At Large