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Born With A Penis In The USA: Does Bruce Springsteen Really Want Men Watching Your Daughters Undress And Shower?

If life these days was not confusing enough, it appears that new laws are now necessary to address the issue of men and women going into each of their respective bathrooms and locker rooms. To be sure to clarify what is stake here, consider the recent incident that took place in a Seattle women's locker room. A man entered the facility and watched young girls changing their clothing. When he was confronted by the staff at the facility he stated that the law has changed and he had a right to be in the women's locker room. No, the police were not even called as the staff apparently were persuaded by his argument. The man did not even make an attempt to claim he was a transgender, he just went into the women's locker room as a man. 

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Bruce Springsteen has cancelled his upcoming concert in North Carolina in response to a proposed law that would simply require that individuals use the bathroom/locker rooms based on the gender listed on their birth certificate. It has also just been reported that Paypal is canceling plans to open up a service center in the state as well. The law is now being characterized by far left activists as an 'anti-LGBT.' While I am not one for boycotts in most cases, I think it is time for some push back from those of us that don't want to be bullied into what appears to be a new, insane, and perverted world. Read the Springsteen statement here.

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This appears to be the latest cause celebre as the list is now growing of events that are being canceled in North Carolina, and activists now even calling for the NBA to move the All Star Game. For those born in the USA with a penis, but now feeling more like a woman, no apologies here - stay out of the ladies locker room. 

Great video here that illustrates the problem of dealing with sexual predators that will use any excuse to sneak into the ladies facilities.

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