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I’ve written before about the increased dangers of flying, in no small way a product of the equation that multiplies lower-priced fares with a passenger group that is better suited for taking the bus. The fact is that as the portion of the citizen demographic that seems to have less in the way of basic regard for its fellow man continues to grow, circumstances like sitting in an enclosed space with those folks while hurtling through the sky in a thin, metal tube…can now be ever more challenging.

The latest, high-profile incident of which to take note involved a United Airlines flight that departed Honolulu, Hawaii on March 26, bound for Narita, Japan. After the flight was airborne and the meal service (they still serve meals on flights?) commenced, passenger Hyongtae Pae went to the back of the plane to do yoga. When asked by flight attendants to return to his seat, Pae became angry and violent. At one point in the altercation, some Marines who happened to be on board intervened and tried to force Pae back into his seat when he began to headbutt and even bite them. Pae is also alleged to have threatened to kill passengers during his violent outburst. When the plane returned to Hawaii, he was taken into custody by federal authorities, and even placed on a suicide watch. Wow!


This incident is just one more that underlines our distinct vulnerability when traveling on commercial airlines. Passengers are strapped in their seats, doing their best to relax…and not expecting an outburst of physical violence so great that it threatens the safety of the flight itself. However, we surely know now that not only can those problems arise, they appear to be doing so with increasing frequency.

Nowadays, it you have to take a heightened interest in your physical safety, whether walking on terra firma or flying through the air. On that note, you would be well-advised to develop at least some rudimentary skills in unarmed combat, if you do not possess them already. If you would like to do so, but have no inclination to enroll in an ongoing, formal course of self-defense instruction, one helpful alternative may be to learn and practice some relatively simple techniques, like those taught in a fine product called 15 Brutal Fight Enders.

This is a solid training video…a two-DVD set…that teaches simple moves designed to quickly and effectively end a street conflict. A wide variety of techniques are demonstrated by a host of quality instructors, including former U.S., Israeli, and Russian military special operators, hall of fame martial artists, even a one-time federal prison inmate (there’s a total of 18 different instructors who teach on behalf of this product). There are so many scenarios and defenses covered that it’s not possible to describe them all in this space, but they include techniques to defend against punches, bear hugs, headlocks, as well as many other kinds of threats - also demonstrated is how to effectively use improvised weapons, including a comb, to defend yourself.



One of the best features of 15 Brutal Fight Enders is the price - FREE (just pay your own shipping and in some states sales tax); that’s it. You not only the 15 trainings, but four more bonus trainings, as well as another bonus item all about the application of non-verbal cues in a threat environment. Additionally, not only do you receive the physical DVDs, but you also get immediate access to the material through digital downloads, as well. With all of that, the product comes with a money-back guarantee, so if you decide within two months of your purchase that this isn’t for you, no sweat – just ask for a refund. Interested? Click Here to learn more.



By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large