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It seems as though it is everywhere now. No longer can the left simply disagree in the way people of all political stripes disagreed in previous generations. Now, the left has learned that as their positions become more extreme…indeed much more absurd…the reasoned objections to their stances will mount. Because their positions are often so bereft of logic or even basic coherence, the “go to” move for so many is to immediately come out of the gate with “violence of action” in order to intimidate into silence anyone who would object at their proposed lunacy. Where will it end? Now,... Read more →

Even the mighty Duke, long passed from our midst, is not immune to the ravages of present-day political correctness. A California State Assemblyman, Matthew Harper, sought to make May 26, 2016 John Wayne Day in the state, but, alas, it is not to be. The bid for the special commemoration of the day the Duke was born was shot down by other Assembly members who say that racist statements made by Wayne disqualify him from earning the recognition. The proposal seemed innocuous enough, at the outset. John Wayne is a beloved film icon the world over, grew up in Southern... Read more →

Amal Clooney, who made her bones as a human rights attorney before earning the title of Mrs. George Clooney, gave an interview to the BBC on Monday wherein she went after GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, saying that he does not represent “U.S. values.” While Clooney cites Trump’s oft-criticized “attitude towards women” as a component of her objection to a Trump presidency, she appears to be most put off by Trump’s nationalist streak, something that has evidenced itself in his call to protect the United States through a variety of proposed security measures that include building a wall at the... Read more →

Ted Cruz has been on the way to losing the Republican nomination to Donald Trump for a while now, and he knows it. Regardless of what anyone thinks of either candidate, it is clear that Trump has been gaining steam precisely as Cruz has been losing it. The unmistakable proof that the Trump campaign has hit a tipping point, if one were to contend he had yet to do so previously, surely came with the primary results on Tuesday evening, wherein he dominated the five contests held in Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. In the face of Trump’s... Read more →

Representative Marlin Stutzman (R-IN) has introduced H.R. 923 in the House, and Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) has introduced S. 498 in the Senate, bills that, if passed, would result in concealed carry reciprocity nationwide, something for which gun rights advocates have been pushing for many years now. This latest effort on behalf of national reciprocity is being engineered largely by the Gun Owners of America, a gun rights organization that has become known for its stridency in protecting the interests of American gun owners. The GOA sees itself as substantially different from the NRA in that regard, accusing the latter... Read more →

The so-called “bathroom controversy” continues, and the latest point of interest in the debate involves retail giant Target’s recent declaration on behalf of those who seek to choose, based on “gender identity,” which bathroom to use in the company’s stores. Target posted a message on its website last week announcing that the store would now “welcome transgender team members and guests to use the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity. …Everyone deserves to feel like they belong.” To the uninitiated, “gender identity” does not refer to the gender one actually is, as determined by the... Read more →

According to a study released April 20 by the non-partisan Brennan Center for Justice public policy institute, 2015 saw a substantial increase in the murder rate in America’s largest cities, and that the number of murders in Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington, DC “account for more than half” of the increase for the year, according to the report. What is so telling about this information is that each of those cities is heavily controlled by the Democrats, and each has some of the nation’s most restrictive gun control laws on the books. In addition to a mountain of “garden variety” rules... Read more →

As an Evangelical, I have found the road of supporting Donald Trump for president more than a little rocky. Yes, he has been married three times, he has supported liberal causes and politicians in the past, his coarse language, and even his pretense of being a church going Christian - all more than a little baggage. My wife and I for the first time in thirty years cast ballots for different candidates in the recent Florida primary. She voted for Ted Cruz and I cast my vote for Donald Trump. To explain my reasoning (which I spent more time detailing... Read more →

Is the truth about to finally come out about the Saudis involvement in 9/11? A new law being considered in Congress would remove sovereign immunity from Saudi Arabia and allow victim lawsuits to go forward. The Saudis are threatening an economic scorched earth if the law is passed. Can we gain any preparedness lessons from the recent earthquakes in Ecuador and Japan? A preview of the Tuesday primaries, Russia's risky game of chicken with U.S. forces escalates, another for-profit college goes under, and a major franchise tax preparation firm under investigation by authorities. Read more →

Twenty year U.S. military veteran Johnny Cirucci discusses his explosive book on the secret world order known as the Illuminati. What role does the Catholic church play in controlling the worldwide shadow power structure? What is the significance of the involvement of Jesuits in key seats of power - all the way up to Pope Francis? Does Barack Obama have secret ties to the Jesuits? Are U.S. elections rigged? The suspicious makeup of the Supreme Court and key leadership positions in the U.S. government, who was behind 9/11, and more. The Illuminati Unmasked: Everything You Need To Know About The... Read more →

It turns out that the star of the 2015-2016 Central Catholic High School (Windsor, Ontario, Canada) basketball team was not your typical high school kid – not by a longshot. Although he was masquerading as a 17-year-old student, the 6-foot-9 center of the Central Catholic Comets this past season is, in fact, a 30-year-old native of South Sudan, Jonathan Nicola, who had been living with basketball coach Pete Cusumano while in Canada on a student visa. As a result of the enormous age discrepancy, it is expected that the visa will be terminated. Nicola is presently in custody at a... Read more →

In America’s latest, bizarre journey into the land of political correctness, black abolitionist Harriet Tubman will be replacing Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States, as the face on the U.S. $20 bill. The decision was made by Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, and met with wide approval by many liberals, who are grateful to see an iconic, historical figure from the African-American community finally reach a pinnacle of American symbolism. Founding father Alexander Hamilton, whose image is on the $10 bill, was originally the fellow earmarked to be the odd man out in the government’s quest to put... Read more →

An article over at POLITICO by Eli Stokols is formally clarifying what many of us have begun to suspect in recent days and weeks – namely, that if Donald Trump finds himself within even reasonable striking distance of the 1237 delegate total heading into the July convention in Cleveland, he will indeed emerge as the GOP standard-bearer. To clarify, 1237 delegates is still the minimum number needed to secure the nomination; whoever emerges as the nominee will had to have accumulated at least that number, and, for Trump, the surest way to arrive at that figure is to win outright... Read more →

I have been a member of a Christian medical sharing plan for almost four years now. It has honestly been one of the best financial moves I have made. I would estimate that I have saved about $15,000 so far by dropping my traditional health insurance. Presently, at the age of 51, I pay $204 monthly. My cost for a traditional health insurance plan would be close to triple this amount. Medical sharing plans do not cover low dollar medical expenses, such as routine visits to the doctor and prescription drugs. It is also important to note that a qualifying... Read more →

The state of Tennessee is, once again, participating in a rebellion against the federal government. This time, the Tennessee General Assembly has voted, overwhelmingly, to sue the feds over what that body sees as violations of the Tenth Amendment committed in the name of refugee resettlement. The Tenth Amendment basically says that the federal government enjoys only those powers granted to it by the Constitution, and that all others belong to the states or the citizens. The resolution passed the Tennessee House by a margin of 69 to 25, and the Senate passed it with a 29 to 4 vote.... Read more →