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University of New Mexico Students OK with Being Defenseless; Really??

There continues to be a frightening ignorance about the general topic of self-defense in our society among the average person. Even as more and more leaders within the law enforcement community come out and say that it is basically “every man for himself,” and that citizens simply cannot rely on cops to remain safe when threats unfold in real time, still far too many remain very naïve about how dangerous things really are out there, and what it takes to protect oneself.

For instance, note this recent, informal survey of University of New Mexico students in the wake of the student government body’s decision to vote down a resolution that would have allowed stun guns on campus – take a close look at the comments made by these students:


Amazingly, despite the obvious access each of them has nowadays to information about the events of the day, the general opinion is that having even a stun gun as a student is “too much,” and “that’s what we have the police for.”

Nevertheless, an anti-weapon environment is one in which far too many people find themselves living in this country, in one way or another. Your child may be a student on a campus that forbids possession of weapons of any kind for self-defense, or you may even live in a community where such weapons are largely outlawed. For that matter, you may not always have a weapon on you, even if you do live someplace that is “gun-friendly.” In cases like these, should you expect to remain entirely unprepared to defend yourself?

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 By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large