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We have been talking a lot lately about the overall risk to the power grid posed by rogue states like North Korea, as well as by non-state actors like the Islamic State. Much of the discussion has centered on electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, attacks, as the source of perhaps the most dramatic form of a widespread compromise to the power grid, but the fact is that the grid is vulnerable from a wide variety of threats…and now we have learned of one more.


According to two researchers who presented their findings recently at the Kapersky Security Analyst Summit, the energy-saving (and money-saving) devices that many utilities customers now opt to have installed on their air conditioning units by their providers, devices which allow the energy companies to remotely regulate air conditioner use during periods of peak demand, can be accessed and manipulated by hackers. The threat is that a mass hack of cooling systems in this way can allow the nefarious group responsible to create a surge that, in turn, causes a blackout.

The reason these devices are so vulnerable to hacks is because the signals used by the energy companies to control them are unencrypted, and no authentication is used to prevent outside parties from communicating with the systems. This means any group that simply generates a stronger signal than that used by the energy company…can control the air conditioning units through these devices.

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 By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large