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More Government Auctions Move to an Online Format, Making the Bidding Easier for YOU

Auctions held by government agencies at all levels have traditionally been held in-person, and at specific sites at which you have to be present if you would like to bid on any of the items. That, however, is changing, as evidenced by an auction held recently by the Nevada State Treasurer’s Office. That agency recently held its first online auction, which meant that people from all over the world had the chance to bid on a variety of interesting, valuable items, including collectible coins and jewelry.


These are exciting times for people seeking bargains on anything from the smallest incidentals, to automobiles and even real estate. The auction “mechanism” has gone into overdrive with the evolution of technology, including (obviously) the Internet. However, as great as these auction opportunities can be, they’re of little use to anyone who cannot find them in an efficient, useful manner. Enter, a site devoted to providing its members with accurate, constantly-updated information on all kinds of auctions in every state.

Aside from in-person, traditional auctions… has comprehensive information on online auctions of both the government and non-government variety. In addition to providing more outlets for companies and agencies to auction their wares, online auctions are a good alternative for those who, for whatever reason, prefer not to do their bidding in person.

Although much of the orientation of is vehicles, that is by no means all that you can find at the site. The tremendous number of links to both offline and online auctions includes access to all kinds of merchandise; if you can think of it, is likely due to be auctioned somewhere, and that includes a wide variety of personal property, real estate…you name it! There’s a ton here, including some great tutorials on the auction process for those new to it. You can grab a two-year membership to right now for just under 40 bucks. To learn more about this comprehensive auction resource, Click Here.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large