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An increasing amount of attention is being paid to mindset when it comes to self-defense confrontations, particularly those involving the citizens’ use of firearms. As conditions around us become increasingly dangerous, and the prospect of having to draw one’s weapon in a real-life combat situation grows ever-likelier, professional firearms instructors are coming out and saying that basic downrange gun training is insufficient.

Of course, it is always a good idea to stay sharp with your weapon through regular range training. However, according to the professionals, that is just not enough for most people, should an actual self-defense situation flare up. In this piece on defensive gun safety by Huntsville, Alabama’s WHNT-19 News, self-defense expert Cameron Bucy says that practicing nothing but downrange training will likely imbue the average person with a false sense of security that could prove deadly (for the wrong person) in a self-defense encounter involving a firearm.

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As Bucy points out, “…you have to get out of the concept that everything is always going to be in front of you. It may be left and right, it may be behind you.” This is but one of the many challenges you may encounter if a real-life, self-defense emergency befalls you. Bucy’s comments serve as another reminder that, when it comes to defending yourself, survival is as much, or more, about your mental readiness as your physical readiness. To that end, I recommend the terrific book Counter Violence, a highly-informative, 138-page physical book that deals largely with the subject of mindset as it pertains to violent encounters. From that perspective it is a thorough work, and one that belongs on the shelf of anyone who seeks to become completely prepared to defend him/herself, as well as those innocent parties nearby, from the kind of violent attacks that have become an all-too-regular presence in our communities, across the country, and around the world nowadays.

The author of Counter Violence is E.J. Owens, the founder and president of Legally Concealed. Owens’ specialty as an instructor is in the area of concealed carry and home defense scenarios. His background is impressive, and includes service as a U.S. Army infantry officer, as well as CQB (close quarters battle) instructor and hand-to-hand combat instructor with the military.In addition to receiving a great book on self-defense preparedness, your purchase of Counter Violence will give you access to four bonus videos/PDFs:

  • Anti-Carjacking Scenarios (video)
  • Home-Defense Shotgun (video)
  • The Ultimate “GO” Bag (PDF)
  • The Definitive Guide to Concealed Carry (PDF)

6a00d8341d71ad53ef01b7c7ada15c970b-500wiStunningly, all of this great material is available for just the cost of shipping and handling - $5.97 (plus any state tax you might have to pay). What’s more, even at that unbelievable price, you also enjoy a 60-day, money-back guarantee on your purchase (which I highly doubt you’ll feel the need to use). If you would like to learn more, or just pick up your copy of Counter Violence right away, Click Here.

 By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large