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Did you watch Tuesday night’s CNN town hall, hosted by Anderson Cooper, with the remaining Republican candidates for the GOP nomination? If so, you learned that Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich have each decided to forsake their earlier commitments to support the eventual Republican nominee, who will be anointed in July. For those who have been following the events of this year’s campaign, it is clear that when Cruz and Kasich say they will no longer honor the pledge, that declaration particularly applies to Donald Trump. In the case of Trump, it is now likely that he will... Read more →

One of the nation's most popular charities, The Wounded Warrior Project, is now in damage control after several news reports about exorbitant executive salaries, bonuses, and millions of dollars in travel expenses. The board of directors of the organization met earlier this month and fired both the CEO and COO. CBS News reported that the organization was spending a whopping 40 to 50 percent of donations on overhead, while other similar organizations were spending in the range of 10 to 15 percent. One of the issues raised for public discussion were the salaries of top executives. According to the most... Read more →

Mississippi is the latest state to reinstitute minimum work requirements for those who wish to qualify for their food stamp program. Beginning today, residents must work or volunteer at least 20 hours per week in order to remain eligible for food stamps. The Magnolia State is among dozens this year that have turned back the clock on liberal welfare eligibility requirements, and have made working a mandatory criterion for those seeking assistance. In the wake of the global recession, President Obama engineered a waiver, through the Department of Agriculture, that essentially eliminated any work-for-welfare requirements, and basically provided people with... Read more →

Women on Web, a Canadian pro-abortion group that operates out of the Netherlands, is working hard to make available dangerous abortion-inducing to pregnant women in South America infected with the Zika virus. Although not typically deadly, the virus has been linked to birth defects in children born to infected women. The mosquito-borne virus is considered the culprit in the rise of microcephaly-afflicted babies born throughout South America over the last year. Microcephaly is a neurological disorder that usually manifests itself in the form of babies born with abnormally small heads and associated brain damage. Although abortion is generally illegal throughout... Read more →

We’ve talked before about the opportunities available as a mystery shopper, which typically involve working as an undercover shopper for the benefit of a retail establishment so that the customer experience can be evaluated and improved upon by that business. Those who work as mystery shoppers tend to enjoy the experience, because it is a low-stress way to make money that involves what is, for so many, their favorite pastime – shopping! That said, did you know that there are now opportunities to work as a mystery shopper inside of the travel industry? A company out of Canada, Evaluate It... Read more →

Pope Francis, whose progressive notions have previously seen their expression in formal, papal addresses, used his Easter message to once again weigh in on the migration crisis that has plagued much of Western Europe. The pontiff raised the subject in his Christmas message, but this time saw fit to pointedly admonish those who would stand in the way of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa seeking a better life on the European Continent. In his urbi et orbi (“to the city and the world”) address from the Vatican, Pope Francis declared that, “The Easter message of the risen... Read more →

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has done what many expected he would do after a long battle over the state’s controversial “religious liberty” bill, HB 757, vetoing it in the face of growing opposition to the measure by some of the biggest names in American business. Deal, in a press conference held earlier today at the state Capitol, said the bill does not reflect appropriately on a state comprised of “warm, friendly and loving people.” Said Deal, “Our people work side by side without regard to the color of our skin, or the religion we adhere to. We are working to... Read more →

So, once again, we are reminded that people going about their business, in the most (ostensibly) peaceful of surroundings, can find themselves under direct assault by terrorists bent on doing harm to all those living in the Western world. Add to the threats from terrorism…all those that come at the hands of “regular” criminal predators, and you have a citizenry that is genuinely under assault. I have written previously about the growing number of law enforcement officials who are declaring that regular citizens must learn to protect themselves, because the number and nature of threats today are just too overwhelming... Read more →

The chief of the Veterans Benefits Administration has been suspended by the Department of Veterans Affairs because it was determined he knowingly permitted two lower-ranking officials to “game” the hiring system to their own advantage. Sloan Gibson, the Deputy Secretary of the VA, is suspending VBA boss Danny Pummill for 15 days for his part in a so-called “relocation scam.” Specifically, Pummill allowed two senior underlings, Kimberly Graves and Diana Rubens, to exert pressure on managers under them to accept job transfers that would permit the two women to assume the vacant positions, giving each the opportunity to enjoy fewer... Read more →

A recent article over at The New York Times by Elizabeth Olson sheds light on the reality that age bias in the workplace is a significant hurdle to overcome for an aging population that, ironically enough, sees itself expecting to work longer than any from previous generations. Olson details the experiences of Julianne Taaffe, 60, and Kathryn Moon, 65, who retired as instructors from Ohio State University short of reaching eligibility for their full benefits because of what they claim was a hostile work environment toward older teachers like themselves. The dustup began several years ago when the pair saw... Read more →

For those who believe in the utility of an armed citizenry, the rapid increase of the concealed carry population is a welcome sight. All across the country, states are seeing a marked surge in the number of residents who wish to exercise their Second Amendment rights to keep and bear, as well as their inalienable right to self-preservation. As more representatives of law enforcement agencies across the country publicly admit that the threat level from both “garden variety” criminals and politico-religious terrorists is such that the best chance for citizens to stay safe is at their own hands, Americans everywhere... Read more →

Refugee Resettlement Watch is declaring that what we saw in Brussels, what we saw in France last year, and what we are seeing throughout Europe, more generally, is absolutely headed to the United States if America does not begin prioritizing its own national security in such a way that it smashes through the bonds of political correctness and begins taking a highly restrictive posture with respect to its admission of Muslim refugees into the country. Ann Corcoran, the editor over at Refugee Resettlement Watch, says, in part, “There is only one difference between us and them. They have been seeing... Read more →

Although the stock market seems to have stabilized, of late, that has in no way allayed the fears of many that the U.S., and, indeed, the global economy, is headed toward recessionary conditions. You may have heard talk in the news about the prospect of negative interest rates in the U.S., and how Fed Chair Janet Yellen “wouldn’t take those off the table,” something she declared in a recent appearance before Congress. There are now five major central banks with interest rates in negative territory…Denmark, Eurozone, Sweden, Switzerland, and Japan…and so the U.S. would certainly have company if it went... Read more →

* Trending - FREE Survival Gear (recommended By Jim Paris) - Click Here I am very excited about the evolution of the process involved with a consumer obtaining their credit reports and scores. It seems like just yesterday when the routine was to send off a letter making a request from each bureau directly, and then waiting two weeks or longer for the credit reports to arrive in the mail. Today, you can access your credit reports and scores through a wide variety of services, and you can do so online in just minutes. No, I am not making reference... Read more →

On this episode Jim goes to Italy using a discount travel package - was it a great deal or too good to be true? Jim also discusses his private tour of the Vatican and his experience using Uber while in Rome. In other news, a prayer center is ordered to pay $7 million in restitution by state of Washington and Hulk Hogan wins $115 million in landmark judgment. Read more →