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The importance of online privacy continues to become clearer to more and more folks…including those who have been, to some extent, non-believers in its real importance. Case in point:

While traveling via American Airlines from Dallas, Texas to Raleigh, North Carolina, journalist Steven Petrow was working on his article about the current dispute between Apple and the FBI; as you surely know by now, the FBI is demanding that Apple create a backdoor that would allow the feds to go into the San Bernardino terrorists’ phones in order to extract more evidentiary information, while Apple has so far refused, citing the broad privacy implications of such an effort.


Petrow logged on to the public Wi-Fi network available on the flight as a function of working on his story, and went about his business. However, when the plane landed and passengers began to disembark, he received quite a shock: The passenger who had been sitting behind him piped up to reveal that he knew that Petrow was a journalist and that he had been working on the Apple-FBI story. As if that was not enough, the stranger even quoted an email that Petrow had received from a contact about the story. The passenger quickly revealed that he was able to ascertain all of this information because he had hacked the computing devices of basically everyone who had been traveling on that flight.

According to Petrow, the experience provided him with quite a wake-up call. By his own admission, he has historically been one of those people who has “nothing to hide,” in the way that, say, a serial marital cheater does. However, as he realized, even if you are not doing something genuinely “bad,” we all have things we obviously prefer to remain private…but which are pieces of information that are just as vulnerable to hacking as all other kinds. According to Petrow, the experience made him a strong believer in the importance of Internet privacy, as well as in the stance being taken by Apple in its battle with the FBI.

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 By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large