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New Jersey’s gun laws are getting pretty good at making criminals out of law-abiding citizens. You may remember the case of Shaneen Allen, a Philadelphia mother of two who faced jail time in New Jersey for merely possessing the firearm she was authorized by Pennsylvania to have. Allen had previously been robbed twice while leaving work, and so purchased a gun, and also obtained a license to carry. When she told a NJ state trooper during a traffic stop that she had both the gun and PA-issued concealed carry permit on her person, she was arrested for violating New Jersey’s... Read more →

And so it continues; not only has the real-world narrative of the threat posed by an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, attack, begun to occupy considerable space in the realms of news and politics, but now comes a theatrical depiction, courtesy of Mike Norris, the son of martial arts and action-movie legend Chuck Norris, of an America in the wake of such an attack. Here is a peek at AmeriGEDDON: EMP attacks can be caused by solar storms and lightning bolts, as well as by a nuclear explosion. The detonation of such a weapon by a rogue nation or non-state group... Read more →

The importance of online privacy continues to become clearer to more and more folks…including those who have been, to some extent, non-believers in its real importance. Case in point: While traveling via American Airlines from Dallas, Texas to Raleigh, North Carolina, journalist Steven Petrow was working on his article about the current dispute between Apple and the FBI; as you surely know by now, the FBI is demanding that Apple create a backdoor that would allow the feds to go into the San Bernardino terrorists’ phones in order to extract more evidentiary information, while Apple has so far refused, citing... Read more →

So we know that lack of money can be an impediment to pulling the trigger on a car purchase…but can having too much available consumer information actually be the cause of delay, as well? According to a survey recently conducted by AutoTrader, those who are “overwhelmed with choice” can find that to be an obstacle to finally settling on a purchase. According to the survey, which polled 5,000 consumers, 26 percent said they had planned to buy in the last six months, but did not…and of those, the clear majority did not cite lack of funds, but, rather, the time... Read more →

Things are rapidly changing in the world of tax return preparation. Take for example the notion of mailing in a paper tax return. More than 80 percent of tax returns are now sent to the IRS electronically. Consumer software for tax return preparation is providing more and more people a way of handling their tax filing without having to even set foot in a tax preparer's office. Should You Prepare Your Own Return? My answer is a qualified maybe. I get asked this question a lot, and the answer is simply not the same for everyone. If you have a... Read more →

We have been hearing more and more lately from law enforcement officials who are boldly saying that the ability of police agencies to react “in the moment” and keep citizens safe from threats unfolding in real time is greatly diminished. One of the additionally-ominous inferences we are forced to take from these declarations is that those who are devoted to committing these violent acts against the rest of us are not going to care how vulnerable some among us are. As a matter of fact, criminals and terrorists typically prefer to go after those who they believe are least able... Read more →

When it comes to filing for Social Security, there’s much more to consider than most people tend to realize. Did you know that you can see as much as 32 percent more in a monthly benefit if you are able to delay collecting from age 66 to age 70? Are you familiar with the strategy of file and suspend? File and suspend can be a great strategy for an older married couple that would like to both put off receiving some of their benefits in return for an eventual higher payout, but also begin receiving some money now. With file... Read more →

We talk a lot about digital privacy in this space, and we often assume that real Internet safety and security is a genuine priority for just about all thinking people. That, however, may not be the case. A global private network provider, HMA, in conjunction with Morar Consulting, recently conducted a study that found, in their words, that “while two thirds of respondents say they would like extra layers of online privacy and security, their actions prove otherwise.” The study revealed that although 63 percent of respondents declared they had experienced issues with online security, and 67 percent said that... Read more →

Although some have said that the threat of an EMP attack is a relic of the Cold War, a variety of learned experts continue to come forth to register their stark concerns that not only is such a threat not well in the past, but that North Korea, in particular, may well be the nation from which the U.S. has the most to fear in terms of the safety of its energy grid. In the recent debate of Republican presidential candidates in New Hampshire, Senator Ted Cruz brought the issue of a North Korea-based EMP threat (literally) center-stage. Now, in... Read more →

On this episode Jim shares the shocking campaign spending figures of each remaining candidate, including Jeb Bush who spent $368 per vote during the primary and suspended his campaign on Saturday. Motivational guru Tony Robbins now a Bitcoin supporter? The price of Bitcoin quietly rising to nearly $450, an Uber drive goes on a mass shooting spree in Michigan, declassified recordings reveal that astronauts heard strange music on the dark side of the moon in 1969, credit cards that reimburse you when you overpay for something, rapper 50 Cent ordered back to bankruptcy court after flashing piles of cash on... Read more →

Author Roger Stone Joins Jim Paris Live to discuss his explosive new book, Jeb And The Bush Crime Family. On the heels of Jeb's departure from the presidential race, Stone shares the dark history of the Bush family from as far back as the Civil War to present day. The connections of Prescott Bush to Hitler, George H.W. Bush's CIA career and alleged association with individuals involved in the JFK assassination, Neil Bush's financial scandal, Jeb's involvement with a Florida company that was operating as a Ponzi scheme, the questionable Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, and the curiously close friendship between... Read more →

In an increasingly-challenging economy, where so many struggle to make ends meet, one of the unfortunate realities is that countless numbers of people across the country default on their car loans and leases each and every day. The end result of this process for the new or like-new vehicles is that they typically go straight to the auction block; as with real property foreclosures, the only chance for the repossessing institution to cut their losses in a meaningful way is to liquidate the vehicles as quickly as possible, rather than store them for any length of time. These auctions create... Read more →

On this episode of the ChristianMoneyPlus Members Podcast - One medical test you DO NOT want to agree to when applying for life insurance, 3 time management secrets for the self employed, and one retirement scenario most people are not saving enough for. To Listen Click Here. If you would like to become a member, Click Here for details and sign-up information. Read more →

While this should not come as a big surprise to anyone, it is nevertheless highly disquieting to learn that the Islamic State (ISIS) has been using chemical weapons in the Middle East. A representative with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has confirmed that laboratory tests have revealed that, in at least one case, ISIS deployed mustard gas against three dozen or so Kurdish troops in Iraq last summer. Chemical weapons use is largely banned around the world, but it is no great shock that an outfit like ISIS would violate international laws in order to prosecute... Read more →

As the 2016 presidential campaign year begins in earnest, it is still very much all about the outsiders. The still-commanding lead held by Donald Trump over the rest of the Republican field in many broad-based polls might be a surprise to some, but it can’t be considered nearly as much of an eye-opener as the enthusiasm Bernie Sanders has been able to sustain against Hillary Clinton, the one-time presumptive (slam-dunk?) nominee of the Democrats. A believed Sanders weakness, according to many, is that once the campaign arrives at states that do not possess the sort of novelty into which the... Read more →