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Expert Names Top Five Bitcoin Websites

Many of you know that I have been fascinated with Bitcoin for several years now. I even bought a small amount of the digital currency back when it was just $12 - all part of research for an article I was writing. People have a variety of reasons why they are interested in owning Bitcoin. For some, it is the idea of buying and holding, and maybe selling some day when the price peaks. For others, they simply like the idea of the cutting edge technology of digital money. Of course, I am fully aware that criminals have used Bitcoin for illegal purposes  (just as many use Dollars for nefarious activities). I have taken the time to learn enough about the digital currency to believe that it has a lot to offer, notwithstanding the reality that some will continue to use it as a means of running online criminal enterprises. I am convinced that worldwide law enforcement has taken down the majority of the large players using Bitcoin for sinister exploits.

Bitcoin is presently trading at $372 - quite a nice increase from the price I bought in at. If you have been following the digital currency over the past few years, you are no doubt aware of its ups and downs (reaching more than $1,000 in 2013).

Top Five Bitcoin Sites

A week ago I was honored to have Bitcoin expert, Roger Ver, on my radio show. If you missed it, you can catch the replay on iTunes or YouTube. Ver shared some really great actionable information that I wanted to pass along in this article (but I still suggest you listen to the entire show if you have time). Ver even mentioned in the article that he believes a $1 million dollar value for Bitcoin is possible! Well, I hope he is right.

Roger Ver Recommends:

1. Best Site To Learn About Bitcoin -

2. Best Site To Set Up A Bitcoin Wallet (digital software that will hold your Bitcoins) -

3. Best Site To Buy Bitcoin -

4. Best Site To Save Money. Save up to 30% on using Bitcoin -

Screenshot (13) is partially owned by Ver, so we want to be sure and disclose that to our readers. The genius behind these large discounts is offering a mechanism for people with Amazon gift cards to exchange them (at a discount) for Bitcoins. I won't go into a lengthy explanation here, as there is ample information on the site. Ver shared anecdotes in the interview of people buying high ticket items, like computers and video game consoles, and saving hundreds in the process. He suggests the savings are so substantial, that some are using the platform to buy at a discount and then reselling these items on eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist. 


5. Best Site (App) For Saving Money At Starbucks - Fold

This app works on the same principle as, matching up individuals with Starbucks cards that want to trade them for Bitcoin. There is also information on the site suggesting that users will be soon able to use the service with other retailers as well, such as Target and Whole Foods. 

Let's crowdsource a great list of ideas and suggestions - please use the comments section below to add to this article.

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