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Free Tactical Self Defense Pen ($54 Value)

As a martial artist and self defense instructor, I am fully aware of the reality that not everyone has the time or the interest to go through extensive personal defense training. As a result, many people are turning to non-lethal weapons as a means of improving their chances in a street attack. Of course, it goes without saying that firearm sales and concealed weapons permits are more popular than ever. There is, however, a segment of the population that does not feel comfortable carrying a firearm. One argument in favor of a non-lethal weapon is that the clear goal is to stop, not kill, an attacker. Even if you are in a bonafide self defense situation, like was the case with George Zimmerman, you just never know whether or not you will face criminal charges if you kill your attacker. There is also the risk of a firearm accidentally getting into the hands of a child or grandchild in your home. For all these reasons, many people are choosing weapons that will serve as an equalizer, but do not bring with them the risks of deadly force.

Legal Problems Still Exist When Carrying Non-Lethal Weapons

In many states, you may be in just as much trouble if you are caught carrying a collapsible baton, spring assisted knife, pepper spray, mace, or any number of martial arts weapons, as if you were carrying a loaded gun without a permit. This is why the world of non-lethal weaponry can be as legally treacherous as weapons strictly designed to deliver deadly force. The solution to this dilemma is many times referred to as improvised weaponry. A book that I love is A Guide To Improvised Weaponry: How to Protect Yourself with WHATEVER You've Got, available through Amazon for $10.78. The book shares a wide variety of ways to use everyday items as weapons. If you liked the TV show, MacGyver, you will love this book.

An Answer To Legal Problems Associated With Carrying Non-Lethal Weapons

One very smart and creative answer to the problem of the regulation of non-lethal weapons is to carry a 'weapon' that you can legitimately claim to be an 'everyday item.' In my own case, I have a self defense umbrella that I have even taken on plane trips. It is a fully functional umbrella, but has a super-reinforced metal rod inside it. I have seen a wide variety of self defense keychains with pointed edges and other design elements that can turn them into a make-shift weapon in the twinkling of an eye. In other cases there are walking canes that can quickly take down an attacker, and even gloves with metal plates inside them - all everyday items that can give you the edge so you do not become a victim. 

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, and in this case that could literally be true. Ape Survival is giving away the tactical self defense pen (pictured below) and including a free training guide on how to use it. Yep, it is a working pen, and yet it can deliver a blow that will bring an attacker to their knees in seconds. The tactical pen is free for a limited time, just pay your own shipping - Click Here! (and it is a heck of a lot easier to carry than a sword!).

Screenshot (12)

Please consult your local laws to be sure you can legally carry a tactical pen in your area. While I find it highly unlikely that you will run into legal trouble, I am never surprised by anything these days when it comes to the regulation of our right to self defense. By the way, another freebie I have been recommending lately is a two video set on how to end a fight in less than six seconds. It is free (just like the tactical pen), just pay your own shipping, Click Here.

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