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If you are a regular reader, you know that I recently dumped my traditional alarm system and moved over to SimpliSafe several months ago. If you are looking for an alternative to a hard wired home security setup, check out my article on SimpliSafe. In this article I want to touch on a low cost option that may be an adequate alternative to a full blown alarm system for many families.

I recently decided to augment my Simplisafe system with a home security camera (Note: this is a standalone camera and a Simplisafe alarm system is not needed to use it). The camera I purchased (pictured below) was $40 and connecting it to my home WiFi took just 10 minutes. After adding the free app to my phone, I now have 24 hour access to the video feed. During the setup process I discovered a fantastic alert feature, which sends a text message to my phone any time there is motion detected by the camera.

Funlux Mini WiFi Megapixel 720P HD Wireless IP Surveillance Camera

Screenshot (9)I tested this feature by turning it on while allowing my dogs to run free in the room where the camera is situated. My dogs triggered the motion sensor within a few seconds and I instantly received the notification on my phone. If your primary security need is to be notified if someone is in your home while you are away, this may be all you need. 

Screenshot (10)
The motion sensor notifications are optional and can be turned off if you like. You can also hear what is happening in the proximity of the camera, and even use the app to speak to anyone in the room (hey you, get out of my house!). Another very cool feature is that the camera works in low light and even a dark room. The other day I left home and all the interior lights were off.  I could not believe the great quality image, in almost complete darkness! 

There are no monthly fees, just the one time cost of the camera - I love it! For more details and to grab one for your home or office, Click Here.  

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