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I have said several times before that a smart prepper will seek to immerse himself in information from a variety of sources. I do that constantly. Some people will have different ideas about how to approach a certain aspect of prepping, and exposure to these differing notions can lead you to cultivating the plan that best suits you. That’s why we like to discuss, with some frequency, the overall topic of survival, and, in particular, any survival information program that we see as having value. Moreover, the obvious deterioration in society, at multiple levels, makes this topic even more urgent.


On that note, The Bulletproof Home is a solid look at the subject of securing your residence while facing the prospect of deteriorating conditions. This particular resource is a look at prepping in anticipation of more dire scenarios, when conditions are such that you may well have to deal with bands of looters and other regularly-threatening intruders. When we discuss prepping in this space, it is with regard to any of a variety of possible scenarios…from those less dramatic, to ones that have at least a temporary collapse of regular society and its operations as their focus. The Bulletproof Home speaks more to the latter – it is more a look at home security from the perspective of preparing for the worst of cases.

One of the things I like about The Bulletproof Home is that it discusses the importance of implementing physical security measures in terms of the strategy and tactics you will likely need to cultivate to defend against human attackers. For example, is it smart to simply throw up a high fence around your property to keep out intruders? To many, that might make sense, at an intuitive level, but the reality may instead be that the better plan is to structure your perimeter security in such a way that it allows you to better defend against those who will relentlessly seek to penetrate the static, physical obstacles you install.

The Bulletproof Home also discusses some of the lesser-known, but still very important, components to maintaining a safe, secure residence during distressed conditions. A good discussion is had in the manual on the subject of noise discipline. Noise discipline in the field is always a priority among military units, and it is an important, but generally disregarded, consideration for those seeking to stay safe in their homes during civil unrest. Additionally, the manual touches on the simple matter of one’s appearance during distressed conditions, and what potentially-dangerous messages that can telegraph to those around you; for example, if you look well-dressed and well-fed from your smartly-prepared stash while others around you are in a general state of physical deterioration, that can spell trouble – you may well come to be seen as someone who has plenty hidden away.

In other words, The Bulletproof Home is a complete look at home security during social upheaval, addressing the less obvious, but still important, considerations, as well as those that are apparent to most people. A great resource!

In addition to the “core” e-manual, The Bulletproof Home package includes the following special reports:

  • Crash Proof: How to Survive an Economic Collapse

  • Doctor in a Box

  • Unlimited Power: 5 Cheap or Free Energy Sources for a Crisis

  • The Ultimate Prepping Coach

  • Short Guide for Essential Gun Care

As always, I’m a big believer in more information, not less, when it comes to preparation. I personally have a large and growing library of materials on the topics of survival and prepping to which I refer on a regular basis. As with so much of what we write about in this space, The Bulletproof Home package comes with a 60-day, money-back guarantee, so if you decide that the product is not for you, just request a refund (easy to do) - no harm, no foul. That said, there’s a lot of good info here. To pick up The Bulletproof Home for yourself, or just to learn more about it, Click Here. 

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large