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Of all the social networks out there, LinkedIn may be the one that offers the greatest potential for professional and financial reward to careerists, but which remains the greatest mystery in terms of how it can be best utilized. My guess is that if you are a professional, you have a LinkedIn profile, and, if that is the case, my further supposition is that you do very little with your LinkedIn presence, just as it does very little for you.

This much about LinkedIn you surely know: it is about business, which means it is about money. I tend to think of it as a business to business, or B2B, social network. This is not to say that only companies have profiles on LinkedIn, of course, but, rather, that the reason people are on LinkedIn, whether they are employees, business owners, or genuine entrepreneurs, is because of business, in one form or another.


As I alluded to earlier, however, LinkedIn, for most people, is like an eternal mystery that can never seem to be unlocked. As you know, having a profile on LinkedIn, in the most generic sort of way, is of practically no value. In order to truly benefit from LinkedIn…to maximize its potential…you have to become well-versed in the “ins” and “outs” of the platform.

That is where Howard Yermish and his terrific course Powerful Social Sales with LinkedIn comes in. Unlike other tutorials that “teach” you how to maximize your opportunities with various social media outlets, but which, in the end, provide very little in the way of actionable direction…Power Social Sales walks you, step-by-step, through growing your influential circle through the LinkedIn social mechanism. After the “Introduction” and “System Overview” modules, the bulk of the educational units are divided between the modules entitled “Your First Three Weeks” and “Weekly Cycle.” Although the other sections provide invaluable information, these sections are where you will find the most important information Yermish dispenses. After a brief overview, Module Three begins with the presentation “Week A: Connect with People – Inner Circle,” which shows you how to be sure you’re not missing any of those no-brainer connections you should absolutely have at LinkedIn. From there, your “Week A” tasks will include beginning the process of communicating with your contacts and endorsing their skills on LinkedIn. “Week B” and “Week C” instruction includes demonstrating how to start expanding your inner circle, finding groups to join, following company pages, and much more.

The “Weekly Cycle” is the part of the program where you will be instructed on just how each of your work days, going forward, will ideally be configured, from the standpoint of working at your LinkedIn strategy. This is where you learn not just what to do, but how to stay organized, so that your efforts result in functional progress. I believe that the inability to stay organized and to adhere to a discipline is one of the very biggest reasons why people fail at their entrepreneurial efforts, whether on behalf of the corporate position of which they have “taken ownership,” or on behalf of their own business venture(s). To this end, the wisdom offered up here by Yermish is excellent.

The instructional portion of the program is contained in 48 units of instruction, presented in both video and text transcript formats, spread over eight modules, but that is not all. By getting lifetime access to the program, which all purchasers receive, you will be privy to any and all course updates that are made, going forward. Additionally, you receive access to the downloadable progress tracking workbook (PDF), as well as to the private course forums where Howard Yermish will answer any course-related questions you may have. The unlimited email Q&A feature of a product like this cannot be overrated. I have always felt, personally, that such a feature by itself is usually worth the entire cost of a quality information product, even if you received nothing else (which is obviously not the case).

To be clear, this is a product for the serious networker – the highly-motivated salesperson, Internet entrepreneur, offline entrepreneur (who uses the Internet to grow his business), etc. In other words, if you see yourself as doing no more than “dabbling” in your own entrepreneurial/sales efforts…then this product is, to be honest, a little too high-end for you. This said, if you are serious about growing your network and taking your sales and professional achievement results to new level, then Powerful Social Sales with LinkedIn is definitely worth your attention. To learn more about this very comprehensive program, Click Here.

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large