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There is another startup travel site in the cyber-universe, but this one is the first in a very long time that offers something that can honestly be described as “new and improved.” In the most recent edition of the Christian Money Plus podcast, Jim Paris sheds light…and shares his thoughts…on a new travel website.

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The website looks at travel searches a little differently. Rather than imagining that its typical user is the person who is searching for air travel information to and from a specific location on a specific set of dates, the website instead sees its user as someone who is open to his next travel destination on both of those bases. For example, with this free service, you decide if you want to travel within the U.S. or overseas, for how many nights you want your trip to last, and generally when you want to go (i.e., what month or group of months); from there, the platform will show you the lowest fares to each of the relevant locations that meet your criteria. For example, you can do a search based on the idea you want to take five-night trip within the U.S. sometime during the months of April, May, or June from Orlando, Florida, and the “Low Fare Map” will show you, graphically and simultaneously, the lowest fares to popular cities in the United States from Orlando, per your selected criteria.

The latest Christian Money Plus podcast is very pleased to be able to bring this topic to members, as well as other discussions on low-cost home security strategies and the issue of financial solvency as it pertains to dating.

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