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Legal scholar Mary Brigid McManamon, a constitutional law professor at Widener University’s Delaware Law School, is making waves with an op-ed piece in The Washington Post that declares Ted Cruz is ineligible to be president, based on the fact that he was born outside of the U.S. The matter of Cruz’s eligibility to be president has been vigorously raised by fellow GOP candidate Donald Trump in recent weeks, likely due in no small way to the fact that Cruz has been making inroads into Trump’s overall lead among Republican candidates, and particularly in Iowa, where the caucuses will be held... Read more →

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to make money on YouTube, or if you’re in your 20's and wondered what you can do to stand out and get a great paying job, friend and business coach, Glory Borgeson, has two new online courses that cover both of these topics. Glory is offering special discounts to these courses for our readers! Have You Ever Wanted To Make Money On YouTube? Making money on YouTube is both simple and complex. It’s as simple as opening a YouTube account and uploading your videos. The complexity comes into play when you want... Read more →

On this episode - Jim discusses the controversy about Ted Cruz's eligibility to become president, Puerto Rico wants to file for bankruptcy as the island runs out of money, Yellow Cab is filing for bankruptcy as ridesharing services take more market share, which cities have the most credit card debt?, how one woman dealt with the theft of her credit card by a Starbuck's employee, a new scam that steals your money right from the closing table when buying a home, a website that uncovers the lowest airfares you will find anywhere, and how you can gain free access to... Read more →

The president of the International Cruise Victims Association, Jamie Barnett, joins Jim Paris Live to discuss the epidemic of crimes on cruise ships. Barnett shares the story of her own daughter and how she died after taking a Carnival Cruise in 2005 (the subject of a CBS 48 Hours Mystery). The shocking truth about how cruise lines can get around U.S. law and taxes by incorporating in foreign countries, the reality that most workers on cruise ships are not background checked, one third of sexual assaults on cruises are against minors, how the industry has bought Congress with millions in... Read more →

The campaign of Bernie Sanders, once seen as little more than a novelty (perhaps even to Sanders himself), is being viewed far more ominously by Hillary Clinton insiders in the wake of poll numbers that show the senator from Vermont to be a genuinely legitimate challenger to not only Clinton herself, but to whomever is ultimately declared the Republican nominee. Clinton has publicly questioned Sanders’ electability since the outset of his campaign, but recent polls show that in prospective match-ups with likely Republican challengers in Iowa and New Hampshire, Sanders performs better than does Mrs. Clinton. In fact, in head-to-head... Read more →

In a startling article that appeared at Forbes at the close of 2015, Dan Munro reveals a recent disclosure by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights that data breaches in the health care industry in 2015 totaled over 112 million records. The news for the immediate future is not good, either; according to the article, the International Data Corporation’s Health Insights group is reporting “that 1 in 3 health care recipients will be the victim of a health care data breach in 2016.” 1 in 3! This information is another reminder that whatever convenience we... Read more →

We all remember it well: the informal, cacophonous challenges to Barack Obama’s eligibility to run for President of the United States based on what many saw as his questionable citizenship standing. His Kenyan parentage on his father’s side was the primary reason for the inquiries, but Obama’s eventual production of both his short-form and long-form birth certificates, showing he was born in Hawaii in 1961, has quieted all but the most strident doubters and conspiracy theorists. Now, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is facing the same broad questions about his own eligibility to run for president. Cruz was born in... Read more →

Radio frequency identification, or RFID, is fast becoming the new standard in the maintenance and transfer of personal information. RFID involves the use of microchips that contain sensitive personal data, microchips which are now commonly embedded into such things as credit and debit cards, driver’s licenses, passports, and various identification cards. The idea is that the electronically-stored information can make it easier and faster to complete a variety of standard identification and payment processes commonly engaged throughout society. In a vacuum, it sounds like a great idea, except that when you think through the potential risks associated with such convenience,... Read more →

Three years ago I wrote a book cleverly titled, "How To Pray For A Financial Miracle." The title did exactly what I expected it to do - grab people's attention. I can not even count the number of angry e mails I have received over the years from people that admittedly did not read the book, but were critical solely because of the title (some even wrote negative reviews on Amazon - even without reading a single page!). It is the story of my own life and struggles, and in many cases what I considered to be UNANSWERED prayers (AKA... Read more →

As greater numbers of people seek ways to push back against ever-complicated existences, one of the ways they are doing so is by dedicating themselves to living physically uncluttered lives, and, as a big part of that effort, downsizing their homes. To some people, downsizing a residence might mean moving from a 3,000 square foot house to an 1800 square foot house, but, to others, it is a more extreme jump…to a truly tiny house. Tiny houses are becoming all the rage as people seek to do what they can to regain control over their lives. If you, or someone... Read more →