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Millions Will Have Their Medical Information Stolen This Year - How To Stop Medical ID Theft

In a startling article that appeared at Forbes at the close of 2015, Dan Munro reveals a recent disclosure by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights that data breaches in the health care industry in 2015 totaled over 112 million records. The news for the immediate future is not good, either; according to the article, the International Data Corporation’s Health Insights group is reporting “that 1 in 3 health care recipients will be the victim of a health care data breach in 2016.” 1 in 3!


This information is another reminder that whatever convenience we enjoy from the use of the Internet medium can be substantially offset by the ubiquitous threats of hacking and identity theft. While the protection of your sensitive information is largely out of your control when it is stored by service providers like health insurers, that reality should in no way discourage you from implementing protective measures on behalf of your own personal presence on the Internet, which is constantly at risk; this includes the activity in which you engage on very popular, but very vulnerable, social media outlets.

To help you stay safe, a resource you may find helpful is an ebook called The Patriot Privacy Kit. It provides a wealth of useful information on how to stay safe online, including how to secure your computer hardware and software platforms, how to be a good steward of your all-important passwords, and how to use email more securely. This ebook also looks at what you need to know to be safe as a regular user of social media, including the ubiquitous Facebook, and also includes great information on how to secure your sensitive information offline (even in this “Internet age,” most ID theft still takes place that way, from the compromise of documents in a physical form). Something else - The Patriot Privacy Kit comes with a fantastic money-back guarantee, which means you can read and use the information through and through…and if you’re still not satisfied, you can get all of your money back, with no fuss. If you want to learn more about The Patriot Privacy Kit, Click Here.

Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large