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We’re seeing this with vastly-increasing frequency: representatives of law enforcement going public with their declarations that police are becoming less capable of genuinely protecting the citizens of the communities they serve, as well as their overt assessments that citizens are largely on their own when it comes to staying safe from the criminal element. Jamie McBride, president of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, the labor union for LAPD officers, recently told CBS2’s Randy Paige that, “The citizens need to know they need to be able to protect themselves because if they call 911, we can’t guarantee we’re going to... Read more →

Jim discusses the shocking new tactics being used by the TSA to find cash in luggage so they can confiscate it, why Donald Trump is rekindling his feud with Megyn Kelly, a new Bitcoin alternative is launched with promises of even greater privacy, Bitcoin prices above $400 bring back hope for the cryptocurrency's future, why criminals want to steal your Uber account, how Jim gets several days of free birthday meals each year, and how to sell your used electronics and books back to Amazon. Read more →

Dr. Gerard Lameiro joins Jim Paris Live to discuss his new book, Great News For America. Lemeiro predicts that Trump will not win the nomination and shares his thoughts on the current state of American politics. He predicts that Ted Cruz will win the Republican nomination and win the general election in a landslide. He also believes that Americans will turn out in record numbers to support a conservative agenda and wrestle back the direction of the country from progressives. Lameiro also argues that this is the most important election in more than one hundred years, and is convinced that... Read more →

I have said several times before that a smart prepper will seek to immerse himself in information from a variety of sources. I do that constantly. Some people will have different ideas about how to approach a certain aspect of prepping, and exposure to these differing notions can lead you to cultivating the plan that best suits you. That’s why we like to discuss, with some frequency, the overall topic of survival, and, in particular, any survival information program that we see as having value. Moreover, the obvious deterioration in society, at multiple levels, makes this topic even more urgent.... Read more →

The federal government’s recent crackdown on for-profit “career colleges” has given hope to many students and graduates who believe they were duped by certain of these schools on the basis of untrue graduate career placement records, predatory financial and student recruiting practices, and deceptive marketing. In a stunning move back in June 2015, the U.S. Department of Education fully canceled the federal student loan debt of thousands of students of various of the Corinthian Colleges, a for-profit education company that had numerous “career colleges” in its stable of subsidiary schools, including Everest, Heald, and WyoTech. Another step in the direction... Read more →

Here we go again. Another natural “disaster” of relatively modest proportions, and yet signs of panic quickly set in. While no one is doubting the potential of Winter Storm “Jonas” to prove highly problematic…even deadly…for some this weekend, a weather event such as this is generally not regarded by preppers as something that results in the lasting, highly-distressed conditions for which they typically prepare. That said, as “regular” people go into panic mode, and race down to the area grocery stores and gas stations to fill up on as much food and gas as they can carry, others who were... Read more →

You may have heard about this - a man by the name of Benjamin Golden, who, at the time, was an executive at Taco Bell, was caught on a video dashcam beating an Uber driver last fall in California. The driver, Edward Caban, sued Golden for damages amounting to greater than $25,000, but Golden is now suing Caban for $5 million, claiming the recording of the video violated his privacy and that he suffered emotional distress and humiliation when the video was posted to social media. California is a state where both parties must consent to be recorded, and Golden... Read more →

Frontier Airlines is having a major sale with roundtrip tickets available for as low as $38. Here is the link to go directly to the fares that are on sale right now - Click Here. The lowest fares require travel over the next three weeks, but there are also many great fare deals with travel options through August. While these fares are fantastic, be sure to read the rules and costs on baggage, as this could represent fees equal to or greater than your airfare. By Staff Writers Read more →

John McAfee, developer of the first commercial anti-virus computer software, is running for president as a representative of the Libertarian Party, and in a recent op-ed piece he wrote that appeared at Business Insider, he took GOP candidate Jeb Bush to serious task for his expression of what McAfee sees as very misguided views on the subject of cybersecurity. In McAfee’s railing against Bush, he recalls Dr. Peter Vincent Pry’s testimony before congress a while back in which Pry testified that an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, attack would kill 90% of Americans within two years. Pry is no random alarmist;... Read more →

There is another startup travel site in the cyber-universe, but this one is the first in a very long time that offers something that can honestly be described as “new and improved.” In the most recent edition of the Christian Money Plus podcast, Jim Paris sheds light…and shares his thoughts…on a new travel website. The website looks at travel searches a little differently. Rather than imagining that its typical user is the person who is searching for air travel information to and from a specific location on a specific set of dates, the website instead sees its user as someone... Read more →

Author and tax litigation specialist, Dan Pilla, joins Jim Paris Live to discuss how to settle IRS debts. Can you wipe out tax debts in bankruptcy? What options are available for payment plans? What about the IRS' new powers to revoke passports? What options of relief are there for 'innocent spouses?' Can the IRS pursue you for your taxes for the rest of your life? What options are there for people that have not filed a tax return in several years? Tax refund identity theft, the latest scams, and much more. Read more →

On this episode Jim shares his top five most popular financial strategies and how they can save you $500 or more monthly. Uber testing new on demand helicopter service, lower gas prices and what they mean to America's boom towns, top 10 states with student loan debt, Detroit public schools faces bankruptcy, and how the government is going after the victims of ponzi schemes. Read more →

Elven Joe Swisher is the latest beneficiary of the courts’ discomfort with so-called “stolen valor” legislation. Several years ago, Swisher, an ex-marine, was convicted of violating the federal Stolen Valor Act for wearing medals he had not earned. His conviction came about after he wore a Purple Heart medal to a murder trial where he was a witness, presumably to enhance his credibility. His conviction was recently overturned by a federal appeals court, however, when that body ruled that his wearing of unauthorized medals was protected speech. The matter of stolen valor is a sensitive one to present and former... Read more →

*** Related Article - Legally Become Invisible Click Here At the recent Consumer Electronics Show, it became painfully clear to those of us concerned about Internet-based privacy and safety that things in that realm are clearly getting worse. One of the “highlights” of the show, but something many of us see more as a frightening development, was to learn how many previously-conventional home appliances like clothes dryers and refrigerators have become “Internetted;” called “smart” appliances, these have the ability to receive and transmit data and information to you on smartphone apps. While, on the one hand, it seems like a... Read more →

Of all the social networks out there, LinkedIn may be the one that offers the greatest potential for professional and financial reward to careerists, but which remains the greatest mystery in terms of how it can be best utilized. My guess is that if you are a professional, you have a LinkedIn profile, and, if that is the case, my further supposition is that you do very little with your LinkedIn presence, just as it does very little for you. This much about LinkedIn you surely know: it is about business, which means it is about money. I tend to... Read more →