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Surrogate Says “No” to Parents’ Abortion Demand 

A surrogate mother currently carrying triplets is resisting pressure from the birth parents to abort one of the fetuses.

2015-12-15_9-48-04Brittanyrose Torres of Thousand Oaks, California, is currently 17 weeks pregnant. Torres was implanted with two fertilized eggs, and while it was hoped that one would develop, they both did, and, what’s more, one halved itself, creating twins. As it happens, the twins are male, and the other child is female.

The way the contract for surrogacy exists between the two parties in this case, Torres receives $25,000 for carrying one baby, and $5,000 for carrying to or more.

According to Torres, while the parents seemed excited at first about the prospect of having the three babies, their sentiments subsequently changed, and they demanded the female fetus be aborted. The reason for the demand, according to Torres, is that the parents fear the higher risk of developmental disabilities, but Torres claims all three fetuses have received a clean bill of health from her doctor.

Torres further claims that she offered to adopt the female, rather than have it aborted, but that the birth parents are completely against that option.

Says Torres of her interactions with the babies’ mother: “I told her I couldn’t abort one of the children. I could not emotionally and physically do that at nearly 13 weeks. I believe it will be killing this baby.”

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large