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Iowa Man Turns Tables on Panhandlers Who Refused His Offer of Employment

How many times have you looked at an apparently-healthy person panhandling and wondered why he or she was not at work somewhere? A bunch of times, I would safely wager.

What’s more, I’ll bet even a few among us, who pass those unfortunate-looking souls holding “Will Work for Food” signs, have thought, “I wonder what would happen if I actually told this person I have work for him (or her)?” Well, one gentleman (basically) did that very thing.


A man presently identified only as “Mike” appears in a now-viral photo wherein he is clearly “shaming” a couple of panhandlers who refused his offer of work.

According to the nephew of “Mike,” his uncle saw the two holding up signs that read “Broke and Hungry,” and approached them with an offer of employment. When they refused the offer, “Mike” swung into action, warning other passersby who might be inclined to take pity on the beggars that they did not seem that interested in helping themselves; he did it by making his own sign and standing next to the pair – his sign read: “Offered these guys a job. They said no. Don’t give money.”

So, what do you think about what “Mike” did? I’ll say this, for my part: I recently moved from a Central Florida community that is beginning to have a noticeable problem with panhandlers. It’s not why I moved, but the truth is that, in some areas of the town, the panhandlers were becoming rather aggressive. One thing that struck me is how many of the panhandlers in my community looked to be both young and able-bodied. Anyone who is truly familiar with me knows that I am hardly an unsympathetic person, but, like most folks, I don’t have an endless well of sympathetic feelings from which to draw. For me, there are already countless numbers of worthy folks who are genuinely good candidates for sympathy and charity, but, speaking honestly, I do not consider young, healthy people…especially young, healthy males…to be among them.

 By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large