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As bad as things have been for Bill Cosby since numerous and well-publicized allegations of sexual misconduct against him began entering the public forum, he has not seen any criminal charges come of the uproar…until now. On Wednesday, Bill Cosby was criminally charged in Pennsylvania for the first time in connection with the numerous sexual assaults he is accused of committing over a period of several decades. The case that brought about this initial charge concerns an allegation that he drugged and sexually attacked a woman in his home 12 years ago. As opposed to the civil suits he is... Read more →

Ethan Couch made headlines in 2013 when, driving drunk as a 16-year-old and killing four people (and also badly injuring two others), his defense team successfully argued that he suffered from the “disease” of “affluenza.” Affluenza is basically a pop psychology concept that refers to the inability of a person to connect bad behavior with consequences as a result of having lived a privileged lifestyle. While much of the public believes that the average person convicted of what Couch had done would have been sent to prison for decades, the court’s receptiveness to the affluenza defense translated into Couch receiving... Read more →

As students at W.R. Castle Elementary School in Kentucky were recently preparing their presentation of the now-classic “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” a decree came down from Johnson County Schools Superintendent Thomas Slayer that any and all religious references, to include the Bible verse recited by “Charlie Brown” character Linus Van Pelt, were off-limits from all school activities. The decree from Superintendent Slayer came after what was apparently a lone complaint from just one parent. For those of you who remember watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas” on TV as a kid, or who may still watch it today, the verse likely... Read more →

Beware, public urinators, some of San Francisco’s walls now pee back. Public Works crews have finished painting nine city walls with pee-repellant paint and more are in the works. The painted surfaces make urine spray right back onto the shoes and pants of unsuspecting relief-seekers. It’s the city’s latest attempt to clean up urine-soaked alleyways and walls. Image 1 of 6Using the wall at 16th Street and Mission as an example, Public Works director Mohammed Nuru demonstrates how the walls deflect liquid onto the clothes of those that urinate on the walls.Using the wall at 16th Street and Mission as... Read more →

A lunch lady at an Idaho school who gave a hungry 12-year-old a free hot meal after the girl said she had no money has been fired following the incident. Dalene Bowden, who worked at Irving Middle School in Pocatello, Idaho, said she offered to pay the $1.70 lunch charge for the girl, but her supervisor refused the offer. via Jim Paris Comments On This Story This is really sad, but there may be more to the story here. What about all of these free meal programs? I could never see a kid go without lunch in a situation... Read more →

We know now that the hacking of housing files at the University of California, Santa Barbara, was the work of the Iranian government, with an eventual attack on the U.S. power grid the ultimate goal of this and other covert efforts by the Iranians to access sensitive information within the U.S. An investigation by the Associated Press reveals that hackers have been able to get their hands of highly-detailed engineering schematics and other drawings of a multitude of networks and power stations stretching across the country. Investigators learned that Iran was behind these attacks, and that the information accessed by... Read more →

In the news this week was the revelation of multiple patent applications filed by Bank Of America related to the creation of a new cryptocurrency, could it be the next Bitcoin? Why online college degrees are now the smart way to get an education. How to get prepped in one trip to Wal-Mart, $100,000 Christmas bonuses, two scams to avoid this holiday season, and will gas prices stay this low for very long? Read more →

On this episode, medical doctor David Mantik discuss his new book - John F. Kennedy's Head Wounds: A Final Synthesis - and a New Analysis of the Harper Fragment. What is this mysterious bone known as the 'Harper Fragment?' How does this bone fragment prove that JFK was shot from the front? What other evidence and inferences can be drawn from Dr. Mantik's research, including his multiple visits to examine the physical evidence at the National Archives? Are there missing X-rays? What mistakes were made in the autopsy? What other evidence is being withheld from the public, and will we... Read more →

Miss Puerto Rico 2015, Destiny Velez, has found herself in some very hot water after posting a wave of anti-Muslim tweets; besides having to face a strong public backlash, she has been suspended indefinitely by the Miss Puerto Rico Organization. The apparent catalyst for Ms. Velez’s social media messages was the initiation of a campaign last week by filmmaker and outspoken hyper-liberal Michael Moore in support of Muslims. Specifically, Moore was seeking to have people everywhere make signs reading “We are all Muslim,” and then post photographs of themselves holding those signs throughout the social media universe. A screen grab... Read more →

Get Prepped in 1 Trip to Walmart

Prepping is a funny thing; most people will admit that it is a good idea, when you discuss with them all of the scenarios in which being prepared makes sense, but then so few will actually go out and engage in even the most basic preparations in order to withstand distressed conditions. Cost can be a big part of the reason why some do not move forward, but I’ve not found the obstacle of cost to be the real impediment to prepping that many claim it is. In my experience, the biggest reason why so few engage in prepping is... Read more →

How many times have you looked at an apparently-healthy person panhandling and wondered why he or she was not at work somewhere? A bunch of times, I would safely wager. What’s more, I’ll bet even a few among us, who pass those unfortunate-looking souls holding “Will Work for Food” signs, have thought, “I wonder what would happen if I actually told this person I have work for him (or her)?” Well, one gentleman (basically) did that very thing. A man presently identified only as “Mike” appears in a now-viral photo wherein he is clearly “shaming” a couple of panhandlers who... Read more →

I am crossing paths more frequently with those who have decided to adopt a bit of an “anti-Internet” posture in their own lives. I know several people, for example, who have begun to turn their backs on social media. For them, the novelty of platforms like Facebook has worn off, and they no longer feel the need to share so much of their private lives with everyone on a real-time basis. Most of these folks still use the Internet, of course, but the point is that when it comes to online safety, we are usually our own worst enemies. I... Read more →

A surrogate mother currently carrying triplets is resisting pressure from the birth parents to abort one of the fetuses. Brittanyrose Torres of Thousand Oaks, California, is currently 17 weeks pregnant. Torres was implanted with two fertilized eggs, and while it was hoped that one would develop, they both did, and, what’s more, one halved itself, creating twins. As it happens, the twins are male, and the other child is female. The way the contract for surrogacy exists between the two parties in this case, Torres receives $25,000 for carrying one baby, and $5,000 for carrying to or more. According to... Read more →

Author Roger Stone joins Jim Paris Live to discuss his controversial new book, The Clinton's War On Women. Stone says that Bill Clinton is a serial rapist and has sexually assaulted at least 27 women. He also says that Bill Clinton was thrown out of Oxford for sexually assualting a female student. Stone discusses the Clinton's shady finances, Huma Abedin's (Hillary's top aide) ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and Bill Clinton's association with a convicted sexual offender. Stone also suggests that Bill has an illegitimate son in Arkansas, and that Chelsea Clinton is not his biological daughter. Read more →

On this episode, Jim discusses the mysterious circumstances surrounding Art Bell's sudden retirement. Bell claims that he has been repeatedly shot at and had to suddenty quit his radio show to protect his family. Jim discusses the details and the police incident report. Will the Republican debate this week be the last chance for Jeb Bush and others significantly training in the polls to make a comeback? How illegal immigrants are now using fake Border Patrol vehicles to attempt to get across the border, and exploding hoverboards may not turn out to be this year's big Christmas gift. Read more →