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FREE Book On Realistic Self Defense

 By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large

In light of all of the random, deadly violence about which we’ve been hearing more and more, I wanted to mention a great book I picked up the other day, and basically did not put down until I was finished reading it. It is called Counter Violence, and is written by E.J. Owens, the founder and president of Legally Concealed, the organizational “platform” from which Mr. Owens dispenses a wide variety of instruction in personal defense. Owens’ specialty as an instructor is in the area of concealed carry and home defense scenarios. His background is impressive, and includes service as a U.S. Army infantry officer, as well as CQB (close quarters battle) instructor and hand-to-hand combat instructor with the military.

2015-12-09_7-46-42Counter Violence is a highly-informative, 138-page physical book that deals largely with the subject of mindset as it pertains to violent encounters. From that perspective it is a thorough work, and one that belongs on the shelf of anyone who seeks to become completely prepared to defend him/herself, as well as those innocent parties nearby, from the kind of violent attacks that have become an all-too-regular presence in our communities, across the country, and around the world nowadays.

The book comes flying out of the gate in Chapter One with a straightforward discussion of violence…the nature of violence, as well as the dominant narratives in the realm of self-defense. The chapter that follows, simply called “Evil,” is a brief, but solid, look at evil, and puts into context the kind of violence in which you might have to engage to save your family, and why that kind of violence, assuming it is righteously pursued, is not evil.

The book keeps up the pace with discussions of a variety of compelling topics that you should find to be of great interest. Chapter Three outlines the differing natures of criminal behavior, with particular focus on the mass murderer, such as the kind of people who slaughtered 14 innocents in San Bernardino, California recently. Chapters Four and Five deal with typical profiles that characterize both criminal and victim, as well as the related, important issue of situational awareness. Chapter Six, entitled “Mindset,” is a terrific discussion of just how your brain…as well as your attacker’s brain…functions in the midst of an actual assault scenario. Owens uses a significant part of this chapter to discuss the OODA Loop, a model of competitive thinking developed by renowned military thinker Col. John Boyd, USAF. Owens’ position is that by fully comprehending the OODA loop, people like you and I can, in advance of an attack, develop a basic structure of appropriate threat responses.

Another great chapter in the book details the “science” of gunfighting, and includes a discussion about how that science can be adapted by each of us to accommodate the familiar surroundings of our own homes, in order that we may better prepare to defeat a home invasion threat.

I’m leaving out a bunch, including the author’s valuable discussions on firearms training and first aid. My overriding point, however, is that this is a great book. I have to say, too, that, from the standpoint of writing style, it is a quick, fun read; it is in no place tedious or boring, and an added benefit is that it is clear that author Owens is beholden to a Christian perspective, which is something that I know many of you will especially appreciate.

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