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How To Drop Cable TV And Get Started With FREE And Low Cost Internet TV

Until recently, most people considered my vocation as a writer the most interesting aspect of my life. The moment that someone learned that I was an author, they had a hundred questions to pepper me with (how they could write a book or their own, etc...). My status as an author has been recently eclipsed, however, by the jaw-dropping news that I dropped cable TV two years ago. Well, not just that I terminated the service, but that I have completely replaced it with free and low cost Internet TV. Yep, pretty close to the same reaction I might get if I just landed in a space ship, opened the door, and announced that I was from Mars.


If I Can Get Free TV, What Am I Paying Over $100 Per Month For?

What is interesting, however, is that these discussions quickly transition from curiosity to a bit of anger. Once people learn that they can dump their cable TV bill and still get a ton of channels for free (or for a small fraction of what they are paying), they get a little steamed. Then, predicably the conversation makes it final transition to doubt. After all, if this was really true why isn't everyone doing it? Why would anyone pay over $1,000 per year if they didn't have to? I should also add here that my $100 per month example might be a little modest. I am now hearing regularly from folks paying $200 per month for cable TV!

I finally reached the point that I became more than a little weary of telling the same story over and over again, answering all the same questions, and then convincing people that I was not insane. I decided about three months ago that the final answer to all of this was to write an E-Book. After all, this was valuable information, and I could make a nice windfall of money explaining how I dumped cable TV. After discussing this with our staff here at, we came up with and even better idea - give this information away. Instead of asking people to shell out $10 or $15, I am going to give it away to generate traffic to our website and build our E-Mail list. 

Getting TV Without Paying For Cable Must Be Illegal

Years ago, a friend of mine from New York (that was living here in central Florida) shared with me the details of how he was able to watch New York Mets games. This was about twenty five years ago, so you can imagine that technology was not quite what it is today. He had a large satellite dish installed in his backyard (it was about three feet in diameter, not the small ones you see today). He then explained to me that he 'paid a guy' to reprogram his set top box so he could watch the Mets games. At that time, even if he was willing to pay, he could not legally watch these baseball games. Well, I want to assure you that the information in my report is 100% legal. You won't have to meet anyone in a dark alley to be able to implement any of my strategies. 

What About Live Sports?

My report also gets into all of the options available for those (like my friend) who need to follow their favorite sports teams and leagues. I am not a big sports fan, so when I dropped cable TV a couple of years back, I gave zero consideration to sports channels. I did a great deal of research on this in assembling my report. You will now find that almost all sports programming is available through non-cable TV alternatives (details included in my free report). 

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I am really excited about this new report. I encourage you to share this information with your circle of friends as well. I can think of a lot more interesting things to do with $100 to $200 per month than paying a cable TV bill. After you read the report, please use the space below to share your feedback, and your own strategies on dropping cable TV.

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