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How To Write Children's Books (And Generate A Lifetime Monthly Income)

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large

Lots of people think about writing books for children, but just don’t know where to begin. When it comes to being a children’s author, the “voice” needed is very different from that in which you speak as a writer of adult books. Additionally, the format, the rhythm of children’s books, can be a little tricky to master, if you’ve historically spent your time thinking, speaking, and writing as an adult (which applies to basically all of us). The fact is that writing isn’t writing, as in, it is all the same - different audiences will often need to be engaged with very different writing styles, and an audience made up of kids definitely tops that list.

On that note, Christopher Maselli’s Children’s Writing Super System is a comprehensive (to say the least) program on getting started as a children’s writer. The meat of the program comes in the form of nine audio trainings that total over seven hours in length. The topics covered are numerous and varied, and include how to assemble a meaningful, coherent story structure, which is the key to engaging especially young readers. Maselli also details the use of several writing mechanisms that will help you assemble your manuscript, such as idea splats, three-act structures, plot trees, and character triangles.

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Maselli also walks you through the differences to note when writing for demographic variations within the broad children’s book readership base, as well as common errors made by other authors that you can avoid when assembling prose for the younger set.

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Christopher Maselli also discusses in detail the matter of the business of children’s writing. If you prefer to remain self-published, great, but if you think you might want to test the waters of third-party publishing, then you will derive a great deal from his discussions on putting together winning book proposals, query letters, cover letters, and one-sheets (often used when you’re pitching your manuscript in a more intimate setting, like a writer’s conference).

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Additionally, the program comes with an outstanding, 78-page companion PDF workbook, as well as the PDF bonuses Writing Momentum’s Field Guide to the BEST Children’s Books…Ever! and the full text of Poetics by Aristotle. Last, but not least, the product comes with a 60-day, money-back guarantee, so if you are not happy for any reason, no worries; just claim your refund, and move on.

If you’re serious about finally venturing into the realm of writing for kids, this may just be the “bridge” you need to go from where you are right now, to becoming a bona fide children’s author. To learn more, click here.