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13 Airline Passengers Recently Enter U.S. from Mexico and Bypass Customs

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large

Amid enormous, worldwide concerns over the threat of ISIS, several passengers on a recent flight from Mexico to John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City were able to skip past required customs and security screenings upon their entry into the United States, due to an undefined mix-up at the gate.

2015-11-25_7-43-01A total of 13 people out of the 76 passengers and six crewmembers on board American Airlines Flight 1671 from Cancun were inadvertently directed to the domestic terminal area, with some eventually leaving the airport altogether without being properly checked.

Although it is believed that all of the passengers who missed the customs and related checks upon reentry are cooperating with American Airlines in returning to JFK to complete the required screenings, the incident highlights the importance for the country to maintain the strictest posture when it comes to the security of the nation; in this case, it does not appear anyone was engaged in any nefarious activity, and that this was simply a case of simple human error. That’s the point, however. Human error will remain a part of all we do, despite our best intentions, so it’s incumbent upon us to make certain that our intentions remain as sober and earnest as possible, so that any and all failings are kept to the absolute minimum.