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There have been several articles in this space over the last few months discussing various in-flight upheavals involving both passengers and crew. Things don’t seem to be improving. Recently, a passenger on a JetBlue flight traveling from Anchorage, Alaska to Portland, Oregon shocked and disgusted the passengers and crew around him when he rose from a nap he was taking and proceeded to urinate on the travelers seated in front of him. Yes…you read that correctly. Jeff Rubin, 27, had apparently been sleeping through most of the flight when he awakened about a half-hour before landing and started to urinate... Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large We are a sue-happy nation. Some (lawyers, mostly) would tell you that it’s a sign of a more evolved system of justice that it is now possible for people to seek civil redress as easily as they can through the court system, but most of us accept that notion with at least a few grains of salt; even though there are all kinds of sound, legitimate reasons for which people sue others each day, the ease with which people can file a lawsuit in America has also allowed for an approach by... Read more →

As the former U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See, Francis Rooney shares unique insights and observations about the history and present day operations of the Vatican. What level of security does the Pope actually have? What is the significant of the Pope's upcoming visit and why has there been a chill in relations between the Obama administration and the Vatican? How has the churches complex legal structure shielded it from lawsuits. What was the Vatican's involvement in World War II and did it help Hitler? Does the Vatican really maintain secret archives? What steps does the Vatican take to comply... Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large What you likely don’t consider is the possibility of your kids or grandkids becoming victims of ID theft. Why would they? They don’t really own anything, and they certainly don’t own the kinds of financial tools and assets…like credit cards and bank accounts…that are ripe for capture by nefarious people. Given that, you might be surprised to learn that children are over 50 times likelier to become victims of ID theft than adults, according to a Carnegie Mellon study. What makes kids such big targets for identity thieves is that they do... Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large Most news items about the financial payoff associated with having a college degree focus on the bachelor’s degree vs. the high school diploma comparison. Most people who attend college and earn a bachelor’s will stop there, and, traditionally, many jobs that demand college degrees at all don’t require advanced degrees beyond the level of bachelor’s. However, that has all started to change in more recent years, and you can thank, in part, the ubiquitousness of associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in today’s society...due, in no small way, to the big business that higher... Read more →

Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large Christian has published a regular flow of articles here lately on the subject of Internet security, and hacking, more specifically. Not only is the subject more important than ever, but it seems as though hacking efforts have become more frequent than ever. Just recently, a friend of mine was the target of a specific, deliberate hacking attempt against all of his devices, and we’re hearing a lot now about smartphones being the new “favorite” targets of hackers, as more people spend more of their “Internet time” using their phones as the access... Read more →

We get e mails almost every day at from people that have legal problems and need help. Hiring an attorney is almost always going to set you back a significant sum of money. No knock on attorneys here, they deserve to be paid like everyone else that practices their profession. The truth is, however, that today many legal problems and issues can be handled without a lawyer. We have seen the rise of services like Legal Zoom, which allows people to prepare a wide array of legal documents using a simple online portal. The other major change that has... Read more →

Have you ever dreamed of taking one of those cross country road trips? I recently discovered an interesting way to do this with a free car or RV. Not only is there no fee for the use of the car on your trip, in some cases you might be given money for gas. This definitely falls into the category of 'too good to be true,' right? What's The Catch? You will be driving a car or RV on behalf of a delivery service or a rental company needing to reposition a vehicle in their fleet. In some cases these are... Read more →

Authors James L. Paris and Robert G. Yetman, Jr. take you back to the founding of the Federal Reserve 100 years ago, and expose the little known unconstitutional operations of the U.S. Central Bank. Who are the financial elite that formed the Federal Reserve, and why are they considered the most powerful organization in the world today? Did JFK threaten the power structure of the elite by usurping power from the Federal Reserve with this executive order? Did JFK have plans to dissolve the Federal Reserve as he intended to do with the Central Intelligence Agency? Could the financial elite... Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large The threat of hacking is everywhere. The reality is that hackers can take so much from us, and can even make our lives miserable for years. Most of us do at least the rudimentary things to try to keep our computers and tablets safe from hackers, because those are the devices we tend to think of being compromised. Cell phone hacking is a real threat, as well - as cell phones have morphed into computers, they have become more vulnerable to hacking; hackers can now penetrate the data on unsecured cell phones... Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large I’ve written before about the benefits of heavy bag training, and I swear by heavy bag training myself, as it remains, after several decades, a centerpiece of my overall fitness and self-defense regimen. One of the particularly great aspects to heavy bag training is how it fully integrates both fitness and self-defense work; in order to properly engage the heavy bag, you have to strike it and kick it, over and over, with great speed and power. The key to realizing a benefit from your heavy bag training is to apply a... Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large Recently, I wrote an article about the significant uptick in the number of Chinese secret agents operating in the United States. Now, there is news that, for the first time, vessels of the Chinese navy…including three surface warfare ships…were “operating” off of the coast of Alaska. The sightings took place earlier this week, and it is believed their appearance was meant to coincide with President Obama’s visit to Alaska on behalf of the issue of climate change. The Chinese military had recently finished a joint training exercise with Russia toward the end... Read more →

An Arby’s employee is alleged to have refused service to a uniformed police officer in Pembroke Pines, Florida, on the basis that he was serving a police officer. The officer, on duty and driving a police vehicle, was attempting to order food through the Arby’s drive-thru window when things started going sideways. According to multiple reports, Kenneth Davenport refused to deal with the officer (who remains unidentified, presently) basically from the get-go, and ultimately processed the officer’s credit card for the order only when ordered to do so by the store manager, Angel Mirabel. Reportedly, Mirabel told the police officer,... Read more →

By Robert G. Yetman, Jr. Editor At Large OK, well, this is a little weird, no matter how you see it. The Auschwitz Memorial in Poland recently installed some cooling misters near the museum entrance to combat the effects of a recent heat wave that has gripped the region. You may be familiar with these devices, which act to cool the air and give relief to those who stand under or very near to them. Anyway, some Jewish visitors to the museum over the past weekend apparently took one look at the misters…and decided they looked a little too much... Read more →