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Have you ever dreamed of taking one of those cross country road trips? I recently discovered an interesting way to do this with a free car or RV. Not only is there no fee for the use of the car on your trip, in some cases you might be given money for gas. This definitely falls into the category of 'too good to be true,' right?

What's The Catch?

You will be driving a car or RV on behalf of a delivery service or a rental company needing to reposition a vehicle in their fleet. In some cases these are privately owned vehicles that the owner needs to be relocated across the country. Having a car driven from point A to Point B is much less expensive than it being transported on a truck. 

The list below is from the website  If you look at the list there is a trip that looks interesting to me from Florida to California. There is even another one to drive from California to Florida (maybe I can make it a roundtrip). 

2015-09-09_19-58-53What Are The Details?

Each company will have its own requirements, but generally you will need to be at least 21 years old (some require age 23) and have a good driving record. Of course, you will need a driver's license and will have to pass a background check. You may also have to leave a refundable deposit with the transport company. The amount will vary (e.g. Auto Driveaway requires $350). as the name implies is based in Toronto, but does car transports to the United States. There looks like quite a lot of transports between Toronto and Florida, but there are other trips as well to consider.

Major Rental Car Companies - The rental car companies offer so called 'drive out' deals that are exceptionally low priced rentals that help them to reposition vehicles (as low as $3 per day). You can do a Google search for the name of a given rental car company and the words 'drive out' or you can simply call and ask about these deals. For example, here is the page that Enterprise has set up for one way drive out deals from Florida.

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Other Companies Seeking Drivers

TransferCar takes things a step further by making available not only cars, but also recreational vehicles (and gas is included). They also offer a hybrid option of giving the driver the ability to extend a trip at an agreed on cost per day  (since these are not personal vehicles but rentals).


RV Relocations Deals

The deals range from A to Z on recreational vehicles. In some cases, you get an RV for a $1; in other cases you enjoy a very large discount for taking the special one way drop off intinerary.

Vehicle Relocation Search Engines

I also found it very interesting to note that this opportunity exists all over the world. I found quite a few listings for Australia and New Zealand. Fascinating...


Of course, some people might ask what strategy I have for them to get back home after completing a one way drop off. Well, I thought about the same thing and came up with two options on that. First, there is always a one way plane or train ticket. Secondly, you might find a 'drop off' deal coming back to your original point of departure. Yes, you need a little bit of an adventurous spirit to jump into this kind of thing, but you only live once.

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If you have ever done a 'drive out' or 'drive away'  I would love it if you would use the space below to share your own experience and we can start a conversation.

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